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Men Great Again

You Can Make Your Man Great Again

You Can Make Your Man Great Again

Women: As a woman you can help make a man great, or break him down. You must understand when he is great, you become greater because as a woman you’re the true backbone to building a “Family Dynasty“. Within you lies great power of persuasiveness.

When you see your man focusing on being successful, you must use your persuasive powers to help him carry out his goals whether you agree with his plans, or not.

Please understand phrases like: why are you taking that risk, that will never work, go get a regular “Job”, you’re gonna go broke, watch your going to fail, I told you so, you will never make it, etc will break him down over time.

You might think these words are helping him, but those words you speak can condemn his grind, stunt his growth, & will cast a spell for that reality to happen, based on your own fears and insecurities.

You will subliminally instill fear, doubt, & guilt within his subconscious mind. If he is an Alpha Male” he would eventually leave the relationship all together for even expressing that pessimistic outlook on his life.

Yes we as men understand that you crave stability, responsibility, accountability, and reliability, but you must develop a certain amount of faith in us. You can be our greatest “Cheer Leader” or our worse “Critic”.

A man can have praise from a 1000 other men, but if he doesn’t receive acknowledgement, praise & support from his own woman, none of that matters.

Instead you should give sound advice on how he can make his plan work, even if you don’t wholeheartedly agree with his plans. It will be best to pray that he makes calculated moves, & becomes successful at what he is passionate about, then to condemn his goals.

Words are powerful, persuasive, and spiritual. You can make, or break a person with words. Now there is a more constructive way you can critique his moves without breaking him down, but that’s for another post.

Family Dynasty

Let that man get out the house and mingle among “Great Men”

Men sharpen men like steel sharpen steel…He can’t be up under you all the time, that makes him weak, overly emotional, lazy, passive and stagnated. Other stronger men will see this as a weakness, and take advantage of him. It will be a disservice to you, him and the children to keep him in bondage up under you all the time. Lets him go and build with other great men to conquer his life goals.

If he is going to “Cheat”, you can’t stop him no matter what you do. Matter of fact he will most likely cheat on you, if you smoother him to much.

Now I’m not saying let him do what ever he wants, but you must give him a certain amount of “Freedom” so he can discover, and live out his life’s purpose.

The masculine requires freedom, validation and power, and the feminine requires praise, attention, and love.

If not balanced the feminine can smother the masculine just as water can put out fire. When this happens you as the woman will not like what you created.

When he is free to conquer, and overcome life’s obstacles, he will become a stronger man for you and the children. Which you crave deep down inside.

Once you become his greatest supporter, he will love you to the depths of his “Soul” for eternity. Its time to move totally different these days and help make men great again. The main goal is to create better husbands.

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