The Universe Doesn’t Recognize Good & Evil

The Universe Does Not Recognize Good & Evil

The Universe Does Not Recognize Good & Evil

As above, So Below. The “Universe”(Which is within you) doesn’t recognize good & evil, it just follows what you tell it to do. The “Law” of cause and effect is aligned to your inner will, emotional state, heart, gut, and daily thoughts.

You must learn to master the “Cause” to control the “Effect”.

I’m sorry to bust your bubble but there isn’t no Supreme Man or Woman in the sky sitting on a “Throne” judging 7 billion people on the planet. The raw reality is that the universal creator doesn’t care about your mundane life here on earth, You do…You are the true judge of your life. Think about what I’m saying within the deepest levels of your couscous mind.

The creator learns when you learn. Your here because you wanted to be here. I’m trying to explain this secret knowledge in the most simplest terms. So I hope you understand what is being said in this article. If not, you can do your own research on this subject.

Always remember your will, inner thoughts, words, and actions creates your everyday reality. You can be either totally so-called “evil” in your intent, and beliefs, or you can be totally so-called “good” in your intent and beliefs. It’s definitely your choice.

A person will only receive true rewards in this physical reality when their true inner belief, intent/will, thoughts, speech, and action is aligned as one.

It doesn’t matter whether good or evil, the Universe only recognizes ‘Power” & Intent. The Universe/Creator only exist because you recognize that it exist. Which means GOD and the Devil lives within you. This is deep spiritual science…

Learn To Reduce Guilt

You must learn to reduce “Guilt” in your life!

You must understand when you choose to be good or evil, you will have to live within those laws of cause and effect. Once you choose your path you must except what comes to you no matter what. There are always consequences to your decisions.

Once you acknowledge that you are doing dirt and you start feeling guilty about it, you won’t be rewarded in that particular realm. Your own guilt will destroy you in the end. At the end of the day your “Sub-Couscous” mind controls this physical reality.

Example: You will not be rewarded as a drug dealer, if sub-couscous mind truly believes drugs are bad for the community and you start to feel inner guilt…Get It?

Once you think, feel and speak guilt then you will attract that reality. Once you acknowledge that what you’re doing is wrong, then it’s really wrong.

You must be a person that lives a life with no regrets & you will always “Win”. The past is the past, you must understand that it’s always about the “Present”. Now, Living a life with no regrets is a lot easier than living a life with no guilt, but you can learn to live a life with reduced guilt. This discipline is easier said then done.

Always be totally real with yourself and you will become “Powerful”. Once you learn to live a life with no regrets and reduced guilt is when you will start to control a large part of your destiny. Your true power lies within “Self”. You are in control of your “Wheel Of Life”.

Your true goal should be learning how to balance the two, and stay “Neutral”.

The way to become neutral to good and evil is to become a “True Master” of self which can take years of training under a “Master” Initiate. It will take at least a million articles to explain this “Secret Knowledge”.

If you want to study more on this subject, then I recommend reading the book The Kybalion: A Study of The Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece to start off with.

Powerful.  Magnate Lifestyle…..

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