Unite With Your ‘Inner Circle’ To Feed Families

Feed Families
Unite With An Inner Circle To Feed Families
Feed Families

Unite With Your Inner Circle To Feed Families

Are You Unifying With Your ‘Inner Circle’ To Feed Families?

You would agree with me that it takes unity to build a civilization, stronger bonds, and a strong economic base right?

Focusing on building a strong team of like minds will create foundations for wealth building. Please understand that when you unify with others, productivity, love, and abundance will be present. Unity is the”Key” to success, and it all starts with your family, and “Inner Circle” as the foundation.

Your “Inner Circle” will consist of at least the first 5 people you surround yourself with the most. Whether its friends, business associates, and/or family members. People who moves as a unit will always be more powerful than the people who don’t move as a unit.

Blood Type

Blood Represents “Currency”

Each person in your “Inner Circle” represents the “Organs” in the “Human Body”.

That’s why it’s called an “Organ-ization. You can’t have a human body without the brain, stomach, and organs.

Money is represented by the “Blood” in the human body”.

Blood is electricity/oxygen, and money is called currency. Without “Blood” nourishing the organs, and the brain, your human body will eventually die. Which means your inner circle will eventually die without productivity, love, and currency feeding the circle.

Those who participate in “Inner Circles” without productivity will eventually implode with gossip, deceit, poverty, anger, and redundant communication.

Feed Families

Unite With A Powerful Team

The “Team” is way more powerful, than the “Individual”.

If you keep losing money, and your deals keep falling out, that means you’re not being blessed financially. That means you don’t help others feed families. Your selfish solo pursuits are limiting your growth. I’ve seen it numerous of times. People will get some money and so-called success just to stunt on other. While at the same time watching the people within their “Inner Circle” starve.

Giving to ‘Charity’ doesn’t count if your family, close circle, and friends aren’t fed first. Now, I’m not saying don’t give to “Charity’, the homeless, or to a good cause, but make sure your family and inner circle is straight first. When families are fed everyone is happy. We all gotta eat “B” as said in the movie “Paid In Full”.

How are you giving to total “Strangers” and your own cousin is almost “Homeless”?

Imagine if people started moving like this more in “America”. Homelessness as a whole would be cut by at least 50%-75%. As men, If you not congregating with each other to help hunt for food, conduct business, share knowledge, and/or for spiritual advancement, then your wasting time.

Stop playing high school games with your “Inner Circle”. Poverty is present when the circle isn’t fed. Those who makes sure families are fed will be blessed with abundance for generations to come. The real secret to success is giving to others. Always remember that people usually don’t bite the hand that fed them, but they will definitely eat the selfish “King” if starving.

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Powerful…Magnate Lifestyle

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