How To Think Like The ‘Elite Families’ Of The World

Think Like The 'Elite Families' Of The World

Think Like The ‘Elite Families’ Of The World

Here is a sample of how the “Elite” thinks….”Initiation into “The Incunabula”: Read Below “Excerpt”:

My Son, A man in my position must have total mastery over his emotions. All actions affecting the power of the dynasty must be taken on the basis of coldly reasoned power calculations if the dynasty is to survive and prosper at the cost of its subjects and rivals. All power is impossible to those whose pursuit is ruled by sentimentality, love, envy power-lust revenge, prejudice, hatred, justice, alcohol, drugs, or sexual desire.

Sustained power is impossible to those who repress all their irrational longings into their subconscious only to have them return in compulsive, out of control behavior that inevitably leads to their ruin.

Although often clothed in the rationalizations of power calculation, compulsive behavior is at root, the emotionalism of a frightened child, desperately projecting his inner agony into a reality he is afraid to under stand, much less master.

Although you now must begin to pursue it consciously you have already displayed the alienation from your emotional nature that is so essential to achieving real worldly power. You must recognize your emotional nature as a primitive survival mechanism that was appropriate for the jungle and perhaps useful to common men, but useless for the tasks that confront us finance capitalists.

Elite Invisible Rules

Attachment to what you do, just because you do it, is the primary psychological characteristic of ordinary mortals.

Such cognitive dissonance spells disaster for us. Our emotional mechanism makes our lives worth living, but is no guide to the occult arts of intrigue.

So, continue to gratify your senses and emotions fully at your leisure. As long as the empire prospers you will have the resources to indulge in systematic gratification which will leave your irrational urges sated and, therefore, powerless.

You will never be in the unenviable position of the middle class strivers who must, from lack of resources, repress their emotional natures if they are to attain any power whatever during their lives.

Typically, they end up taking their pleasure from the victories and cruelties of their struggle. Thus, their end ceases to be power and they eventually defeat themselves with reckless behavior in pursuit of dominant thrills.

I have brought you into seclusion with my most trusted advisors in order to inaugurate a new phase of your instruction. Your formal training in the “official” political economic world is now complete. This weekend will mark the beginning of your training in the occult technology of power that lurks behind outer appearances.

As your tutors will explain, “occult” or secret knowledge is the basis of all power in human society, so I use the word “occult” advisedly, in its pristine usage. As I am sure you are aware by now, productivity in itself does not secure power and therefore does not secure the gratifications of life.

After all, slaves can be productive. None of my organizations in which you served so well are concerned with advancing the techniques of satisfy my human needs and desires.

Presidents, Kings, Etc Are Considered “Visible Rulers”

Visible rulers are highly vulnerable.

Thus we see visible rulers claiming to be representatives of God, the common good, the material forces of history, the general will (either through vote or intuition), tradition, or other intellectual “spooks” that serve to lessen the envy of the ruled for the rulers. Encouraging such self delusions among the masses of the ruled is universal for visible governments.

However, such spooks are little protection for the leaders of such systems against their sophisticated elite rivals and no protection against men like your father. The Roman Empire was unquestioned by the mass of its subjects for centuries, but the Emperors lived in constant fear of coup and assassination.

By embracing deception wholeheartedly at every level, finance capitalism, or rule through money, has fashioned the ultimate system yet devised for the secure exercise of power.


Play Chess, Not Checkers

It’s way bigger than money for them, it’s all about the chess game

Don’t be scared keep reading….

The ruling class has always gave you a watered down version of “GOD” and rules to keep control of you, while they practiced real uncut raw spirituality in secret. Real spirituality can only be achieve through strict rigid intense initiation, advanced self knowledge, and self discipline.

They told you to be nice, and don’t break any rules, which is totally different from Natural, and Cosmic “Law”.

They taught you that the person seen in public is the real ruler which is an “Illusion”. The raw reality is “Power” last longer, and is much greater behind the scenes which is usually the “Priesthood”. Most of you have fought surface wars that’s why you keep losing. You’re just a small needle trying to pierce a “Boulder”.

The masses are very stubborn to listen to real raw truth when it presents itself. That’s why I do not follow the mind controlled masses.

Fighting racism is a waste of time in the realm of “Power”

Nobody wins the race with racism. Power doesn’t care about your cries, matter of fact you are feeding the current power structure through your “Fears”.

Racism is the lowest level of so-called “White Power”. Racism was created by the “Puppet Masters” to control black people, low-level whites and others…Its a major distraction.

Even if racism ends tomorrow they’re still ruling us through manipulation, military, law, spiritual systems(Secret Societies), religion, marriage(Inheritance/bloodline), money(Gold), and by controlling most of the “Natural Resources” on this planet.

They achieved their “Power” through wars(Shedding Blood), manipulation, and holding true knowledge secret from the masses. Stop fighting surface battles.

Your goal should be learning the secrets to “Power” yourself, so you can play in the chess “Game” to win. Your only other choice is to completely check out this “Matrix”, which will be nearly impossible these days. The “Elites” spiderweb almost covers the globe.

You have to go into the mind of a true millionaire, billionaire, and even a trillionaire that comes from old money passed down through family bloodlines.

They don’t care about false ambition, fake titles, chasing after money, trying to pay bills, and chasing phony prestige. They have everything material wise already, so they dabble in the “Occult” and other “Secret Spiritual Sciences” of the world.

It’s way bigger than money for them, it’s all about the chess game. They use money to control the masses. They are not worried about what kind of car they drive, shoes they wear, etc. They call the masses “Useless Eaters”. What you call a fantasy, is their “Reality”….Wake Up!….

Learn more about “The Incunabula” by going to: Initiation Into The Incunabula

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