The Square Lifestyle Can Be More Vicious Than The Streets

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Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

The Square Lifestyle Can Be More Vicious Than The Streets

The ones usually living this Lifestyle are the so-called middle class, and upper middle class. Yes they’re rich and poor people living the Square Lifestyle too, but that’s for another post. The streets call it living the “Square’s Lifestyle” because these people usually do the same routine daily, and will not ruffle feathers of authority. But will secretly intensely compete with you for the bosses favor, or when seeking position of “Power“.

The worst people in the world is when they use religion and their holier than thou persona to justify “Fucking You” over. Ahhh they call those types “Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing”. Magnate Lifestyle

They usually show this fake persona to the world that they’re holier than thou, but will judge others without compassion and thoughtfulness. Most are unhappy living this lifestyle because they put themselves in a box full of boredom, and routine status chasing. Thus, creating their realities based on what other people thinks of them.

People living this lifestyle are very smart and can move with false persona’s, fake integrity mask’s, and master disguises. To the public they seem like lovable honorable law-abiding citizens with integrity, but behind close doors they’re more vicious than anyone in the streets. They hate confrontation, and will most likely move more strategically. shrewd, and calculated. These people are quick to judge, but will be the last ones to help when needed. They lack compassion for other people’s struggle at times.

Corporate World Politics

In the corporate world its kill, or be killed

The Square Lifestyle requires you to be cold-blooded at times because of the monthly bill cycle, rigid daily routines, job status pressure, and rigid work schedule.

When living this lifestyle you’re most likely competing with the smartest people in the world to “EAT”. That nerd in high school will most likely be your boss, or hiring manager in the future. They’re quick to judge the street mentality, and can make you suffer for it, if you don’t know how to move strategically.

Now, I don’t have nothing against the so-called nerds, because they’re needed to make the world go round too. I’m just speaking facts based on my study of others, and life experiences. Nerds can be cut throat too.

Now, when these types love their job, lives a balanced work/play lifestyle, and has support from a loving family, then they can be some of the most genuine people in the world. But if they hate their job, or position, are living check to check, worried about what other people think of them, and are only married for public status, then they can become snakes, and cold-blooded sharks. Therefore, They’re the ones that will get you fired from your position quietly to move up in the world. Ambition is their secret “GOD”.


Former Street Hustlas Beware

To all my street brothas and former hustlas

Don’t think once you go totally legit by starting a business, or deciding to go get a regular job that it won’t be any haters, snakes, wolves and sharks…Matter of fact, it’s even more cold-blooded living the “Square Lifestyle” than the streets at times. The only difference is you won’t die, but you can be deeply wounded financially, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally from the square lifestyle’s judgement of you. If you fail those squares will literally watch you starve while secretly critiquing your moves and trying to replace you.

On an extreme note, Some of them will even be the ones secretly responsible for putting you in that position in the first place.

Oh and don’t look for any unity within the square lifestyle, its everyone for themselves unless you’re a mason, and/or a member of a fraternity. My advice to you is to bring the positive side from the streets to the corporate world such as a sense of brotherhood, compassion, rawness, and unity economics. I just don’t want you to be naive that it will be nicer on the other side. You must stay ready, so you don’t have to get ready. Real Talk…

Disclaimer: Now just because a person works a 9-5, are educated and law-biding citizens doesn’t mean that their squares.

Powerful…Magnate Lifestyle


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