The Rise And Fall Of The Powerful ‘Moorish Empire’ In Spain

Moorish Empire
The Rise & Fall Of The 'Moorish Empire'
Moorish Empire

The Rise & Fall Of The ‘Moorish Empire’

The Rise And Fall Of The Powerful “Moorish Empire”

In this article about the Moors, I will only share a quick overview of their rise and fall. I will not get into detail about their empire in this article. If you want more information about the Moors you can read The “Moorish” Empire: A Historical Epitome (Classic Reprint) and/or The Moors: The Islamic West 7th-15th Centuries AD (Men-at-Arms).

There are tons of powerful books out there that you can read to learn about the “Moorish Empire”. You just have to do the research on your own.

Moorish History goes all the way back to the Roman Empire, but for now we will only focus on the “Moors Of Spain”. The Moors from Northern Africa led by “Lord Tariq(Ṭāriq ibn Ziyād)” along with around 12,000 Berbers/Arabs/North Africans went into Spain around 711 A.D. They went through “The Strait Of Gibraltar” and defeated the Visigoths at the battle of Guadalupe.

Those “Moorish Warriors” were responsible for setting up a foundation for the Muslims to rule “Spain” for over 700 hundred years until they where eventually conquered by the “European Christians” in the year 1492 A.D.

The Moors tried to conquer France, but they were turned back by “Charles Martel” and his Frankish Knights.

The Moors brought to Spain the sacred knowledge of ancient Kemet(Egypt), architecture, astronomy/astrology, advance mathematics, science, art and music. They also built 17 “Universities“, bath houses, light poles, paved roads, and much more. Moors understood the sacred laws, and had the necessary skills to build paradise on earth. They were a noble people of many cultures, nationalities, and backgrounds.

“The “Moors” were profoundly versed in the occult science at Toledo, Seville and at Salamanca were once upon a time the great schools of magick”…H.P. Blavatsky

The Moors Promoted Unity Within The Cultures

Manufacturing was encouraged and the silk and brocade work of the peninsula became well-known in the trading centers of the world. With exception of the ruling class the “Moorish Empire” was all about equality, and giving the people equal opportunities to rise.

Christians, Muslims, and Jews all existed together in Moorish Spain, But “Islam” was the main ruling religion. Christian, and Jews received protection of the state and were allowed participation at the highest levels of the government. People within the “Empire” were encouraged to preserve their cultural traditions, as long as it didn’t interfere with, or disrespect “Islam”.

Most North African Moors converted to Islam for political, ambitious, and financial reasons. While other African Moors who were conquered by the “Arab Muslims Dynasties” were forced into practicing “Islam”. Also, Some “Moors” practiced ancient “African Science/Spirituality” in secret.

These “Ancient African Sciences” the Moors practiced can be traced all the way back to “Ancient Egypt”.

During the Moorish Reign most of “Europe” were in the “Dark Ages”. The “Popes” at that time hoarded all the knowledge, and kept it within the “Vatican” to rule over the ignorant. Also, the “Black Plague” almost eliminated the majority of the “European” population.

Within their 700 plus year rule, the “Europeans Christians” and other people from around the world came to Spain to learn “Advanced Knowledge”. The problem arose when the Europeans took that powerful knowledge to rebuild their empire, and eventually used it against the “MOORS”. Also, there was constant in-fighting within the “Moorish Empire” for power which eventually led to their ultimate demise.

Moorish Empire

Ancient “Moor” With A Sword

The Powerful Moorish Empire Didn’t Fall Overnight

After years of war, the Spaniards finally conquered the last Moorish stronghold in Granada in 1492. The Moors who were exiled kept the “True Sacred Knowledge” secret to preserve tradition. But, the conquered Moors who remained in Spain were forced to give up this sacred powerful knowledge to the “European Royal Families”, or be tortured to death. These wise Moors where then recruited by the “European Royal Class” as silent advisors to the Kings and Queens”.

These Moors had no choice, but to submit to “Power”. Once the Moors became weak from years of internal conflict, and constant wars. The Europeans eventually took over “Spain”.

It took over 200 years of bloody wars to conquer the “MOORS”. When the “Christian Spaniards” conquered the last Moorish stronghold at Granada in 1492 A.D, the world conquest of the west began shortly after.

The New World Conquest

The Spaniards who were ruled by the “Elite European Christians/Catholics” began to go into Central America, Cuba, The Caribbean, North and South America in search for new land, food, wealth, and gold. Their goal was to build their future Empires.

When the “Spaniards” first arrived they tried to enslave the local indigenous natives, but that plan didn’t work out so well. So they decided to go into “Africa” and that’s when the “Trans Atlantic” slave trade began. Also, there where Moors already here in “America” before Columbus. “Christopher Columbus” was a ruthless conqueror who’s main goal was to find gold, and land.


Power, Politics, & Leadership

In Conclusion

The Moors were mostly made up of Africans, Arabs, and North African Berbers(Arab/African Mixed). Their “Powerful Empire” spanned southern Italy, Spain, North Africa and what you now call the “Middle East”. Moorish architecture is the articulated Islamic architecture of North Africa within parts of Spain and Portugal, where the Moors were dominant between 711 and 1492.

The Moorish Empire is very important within the narrative of “World History”. If the Moors” were never conquer by the “Europeans”. There wouldn’t be “America” as we know it today. Europe, and America owes much credit to the “Moors”.

When studying history you must always put the pieces of the puzzle together, and understand it has always been about Gold, Land, and Power. The Golden Rule is “Who has the Gold Rules”. When you learn true history, the truth shall always set you free.

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