Here Are The Most Powerful Sun & Moon Sign Combinations

Sun & Moon Sign Combination

Powerful Sun & Moon Sign Combination

The Sun and the Moon in “Astrology” are known as the “Lights” and are not planets in the technical sense of the word. However, they are the most visible and perhaps more influential in affecting a person’s awareness than all of the other heavenly bodies put together. The influence of the sun and moon signs hold much power within “Astrology”. When understood astrology can open secret doors within self.

The blend of the Sun-Moon influences, from the signs they are in, and whether they are in aspect or not, are extremely significant to the personality profile of the new life.

Your sun sign represents your core personality as a whole, while your moon sign represents your inner emotional self.

The relationship of the Sun and Moon to each other by their position, sign, and aspect and their relationship to the Ascendant can sometimes provide us with an extremely accurate mini-interpretation of the natal chart. The interpretation of your Sun-Moon combination is printed next. Study it carefully and you can learn more about your inner self.


Leo Sun/ Scorpio Moon


These are two Fixed signs, square to each other, and the Moon is in its “fall”. The animal passions are strong and vigorous. Body and temperament are dramatic. These positions spell “control”

Consequently you are very secretive in order to protect yourself. Your view yourself and humanity with the greatest importance and you are a very intense Leo. You approach is almost always a serious one. Jokes at your expense are not thought of kindly. You generally have a master plan for life, and you carefully follow it because you are purposeful, bold, and aggressive about everything.

You relish a good battle and, in fact, if there is not a lot of competition, you feel somewhat cheated, bored and let down. You secretly crave spontaneous adventures even if the adventure is within your own mind. This is a very complex combination indeed. You are very motivated and determined, even though you show a playful image to the world. You probably believe that, if you ever revealed yourself, you would give your enemies an advantage, even though most of your enemies exist solely in your mind. Your secretive, yet outgoing at times.

A kind of wall is built around you. You desire all the comfort, power, authority and control you can get from life. You like material possessions and are a sensual being. Nothing can hold you back after you have set your sights on a job, material item, goal, or romance. Your staying power is like no other.

You go after your aims with quiet firmness, and your charisma, self-assurance, and ruthless willpower help you to get them.

You have a lot of determination, fortitude, and a strong sense of purpose because both signs of your combination are fixed, but that also makes you obstinate and rigid, especially pertaining to your beliefs. It is very hard for you to accept the views or opinions of others.

You are very independent, and you seldom compromise. You have a very low stress threshold thanks to your rigidity. Aggression, irritation, or injured pride cannot be held in for very long and it is generally released quickly. You are obstinate and somewhat spirited.

You are very insightful and astute to the ways of the world unlike most Leos. Finance, management and business attract you, as do most things involving competition. You have probably experienced strong creative desires, however.

A Scorpio Moon can inspire and assist the creative needs of the Leo Sun. You rarely follow through on those artistic desires because you are so worried about instant gratification including things such as when you might get your promotion or have your next sexual conquest.

You might be the next van Gogh or Picasso if you would redirect some of those sensual drives and use some restraint. In this lifetime, when there is so much going on, your creative talents might not be expressed…

Libra Sun/Scorpio Moon


You place a high value on being rational and diplomatic and you try always to stay objective and just in your assessments. Scorpio fervor, aggressiveness and passion, however, smolder under that cool and calm exterior you present. You have an inner nature that is motivated and obstinate, and although your style might be that of peace, inside lies the motivation and intention of a warrior.

Your sun and moon combination joins peaceable and tactful Libra with forceful, enigmatic and aggressive Scorpio. All this means that you are a very multifaceted person. You probably show many of the qualities of the Libra outwardly and strive for peace, accord, and inner tranquility. With your friends and colleagues you are peaceful and thoughtful.

At home in your environment, you are relaxed with yourself. Regardless of how delightful, naive, and youthful you seem on the exterior, when the time comes to take charge and exploit a personal gain, you can quickly come out as a critical, up-front, and astute individual. Surprisingly you’re a great cook and can build a long-term career within the culinary arts field. In business you move quietly, and precise. But when you really want something you are one of the greatest communicators in the zodiac.

Less observant people are caught totally unaware and you usually end up shocking even your closest friends. Having conceived a goal or idea, you almost never rest until you have followed it through to the end. There is nothing idle or careless about you, but like all Libras, you really enjoy distraction and recreation.

Being involved with others is something you have a strong need and desire for. You often reject the sound advice that others give you. It is a good idea to keep your mind open even though it is important to value your own personal views, especially in times of pressure.

Your combination has the potential of academic and spiritual awakening on a big scale and great promise if it is pursued faithfully.

With your good leadership skills, you can assist in paving the way to self- realization as long has the approach is balanced.

Presidents Dwight Eisenhower and Jimmy Carter are two examples of this combination. You most likely feel you have a purpose in life and are motivated to assist people and to change outmoded attitudes. You have strong political and diplomatic abilities because of your instinctive knowledge of what makes others tick.

Your philosophy is generally realistic and careful, although you are a positive person by nature. You can be fairly closed to a differing perspective and at times people think you are intolerant even though you may think of yourself as open-minded.

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Capricorn Sun/Leo Moon


While young, you were perhaps very idealistic, somewhat inexperienced, and drawn to social and compassionate causes. However, as you grew older and more calculating, you no doubt sacrificed some of your ideals in order to get the standing, comfort, and status you felt you merited. The pursuit of supremacy for some Capricorn-Leos can become a fixation.

You always have the feeling that you are naturally better than other people, and you only feel satisfied when you are the boss. You are a lot more demonstrative and friendly than other Capricorns and you can be very successful.

You have a good appreciation of yourself and your skills and are a determined individual. When pursuing your goals, you go after them with a quiet dogged determination mentality. While you don’t openly show it, you secretly crave an audience as you rise financially, or up the ranks career wise.

Others will react to your charisma, magnetism, and resolve and they admire you because you have self-respect. You have pride and dignity, and want the notice and adulation your ego requires. Very splendid and lofty ideals come from your Leo Moon. This combination can with easily result in a despot or a possible tyrant.

A good example of this side of a Capricorn-Leo is Mao Tse-tung.

Your approach towards others is often condescending, and some may even consider you egotistical. Your ideal is loyalty and after someone has won your confidence, you become concerned, affectionate, and kind to him or her. You can be cruel, cold, and calculating to those who are disloyal to that trust. Insults or slight insults to your vanity or self-esteem are often met with out of proportion fury.

Your primary concern is maintaining self-respect and decorum.

Extreme pride can be your Waterloo. You have the aptitude to renew yourself, and achieve anything you really desire. But first you must learn to curb your arrogance and vanity. You inspire others simply with your presence. You are an idealist by nature, and your sunny appeal and enjoyable humor can brighten the darkest heart.

Everything you do has a special stamp of innovation. The dramatic is your signature. Strong creative drives are part of a Leo Moon. There are occasions when you are mistaken even though you are wise and intuitive. However you will never acknowledge it. Because you believe you are always correct and know what is best for you and those you know, you almost never find the middle ground. You have to attempt to become more supple.

Obstinacy undermines those goals you set for yourself and inflexibility will only get you into difficulties. If you do not let your ego get in the way, you are capable of magnificent achievements. Your ultimate strength is willpower and creativity.

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Aries Sun/ Capricorn Moon


For the most part, your desire for respect will be fulfilled because you have the necessary qualities to earn it. You possess the mental framework and are practical enough to balance your natural Aries’ zeal and desire to initiate things. Internally you are careful, calculating and detail oriented, and that goes together with your strong motivation. Work is important, but less out of duty than out of boundless ambition. Unfortunately, you can be merciless and opportunistic in your pursuit of a goal; so much so that cruelty is possible because often the end justifies the means for you.

The top items on your priority list are your financial goals and they can dominate you. Your desire is to be powerful and have a high position and this is your primary interest, even though you are a friendly and generally kind individual.

These individuals can ride the road to success with you after they have acquired your friendship.

By the same token, those who help you are not forgotten because you are a very loyal person. You can, however, be a serious opponent if you are challenged or menaced in any way. Perhaps because of personal reasons, you had to assume a lot of responsibility when you were quite young.

There was not much time for play, socializing and fun then, but it was good training for adulthood and the goals you seek. Your ambition in this regard might stem from this early responsibility. Your aggressive, yet tactful when going after your goals, and dreams.

You are probably motivated to prove yourself again and again, in spite of your dynamic personality and decisive character, because of a deep-seated insecurity. Relentless anxiety or depression might be the result of this.

More self-respect and acceptance could help you remember that being on top is not everything in life. Management and administrative positions are probably your best areas for a career.

As you move up the ladder of success, you will be challenged to be more understanding and tolerant of others. Activities such as reading and meditating are recommended.

Seeing a wider picture of your world and noticing the emotional and academic side of things can help round out your character.

Your personality is magnetic as well as dynamic, and other people respond to you as a mature and responsible individual. Respect from your colleagues is sure to come your way. In a strange twist, your manipulation of others to suit you is to their benefit.

Aries Sun/ Taurus Moon

Aries Sun/ Taurus Moon


You have a golden voice and you choose your words and gracefully. This can help you with a career. You have a great ability to persuade people carefully and this will assist you with your ambitions. There is a need for security in your makeup. You are dedicated to the work ethic.

Pleasure is high on your list of priorities and this includes sensual and natural pursuits as well as comfort, food and other pleasures important to you.

You have a sense for money. Good things will come your way because of your excellent skills in management. This interest in material possessions is capable of getting out of hand and becoming all-powerful. Because you are fundamentally a kind person there is no hint of cruelty and ill-mannered behavior in you.

You even put out a feeling of confidence and calmness. You are different than other Ariens because of your patience. You are careful and have a lot of sense, and that will guarantee success even though you are not as energetic as others of your sign. Strong biases sometimes come to get in the way of your fundamental good sense. Being flexible and compromising relative to different viewpoints would be wise.

Dedication is a part of your character though. It is this stubbornness, stemming from your Moon in Taurus that can get in your way. Your Aries Sun Sign is in tune and focused. You are an enthusiastic and energetic person.

Creativity needs freedom and that cannot be found in an environment of materialism. You need satisfaction in terms of your sensual side, but you are not inclined to experimentation. You want a stable relationship. A problem with jealously can exist because of the inflexible approach you take to romance.

You can hold your feeling inside without communicating, but communication is something you do well. You should learn to be freer with expression of your thoughts in general. There is a master artist or other creative person in a lot of Aries-Taurians.

Being an artist or working in another creative area is a secret desire even though you are so good at business. Even if the result leads to a more satisfying and meaningful life, you would never start down an uncertain path that could put your security at risk. You should not fret and worry so much about finances because you will always have the security you want.


Scorpio Sun/Capricorn Moon


You instinctively look out for yourself no matter how kind you appear to be towards other people. For the headstrong and determined Scorpio-Capricorn ambition can be everything. You are never satisfied unless you are your own boss and you possess strong leadership drives. Charismatic, obstinate, and autonomous, your astuteness and purpose help you follow through on your ambitions.

Calculating, shrewd, vivid and somewhat manipulative, you take yourself and your activities very seriously. You have a bit of the devil in your nature. You essentially have only one goal in life and that is to win esteem, deference, and prestige, no matter how captivating and warmhearted you seem on the surface.

You have your own attraction; if you would only recognize it, so do not always enter a room and feel immediately endangered by the presence of some other striking person.

How you use your gifts is strictly up to you, but you have a lot of power and leadership potential. Indira Gandhi is an example of a powerful Scorpio-Capricorn. You need to be careful about becoming too serious a judge of others.

You have very high criteria and may acquire a somewhat holier-than-thou and intolerant position towards those who do not live up to your views.

Others should be given as much esteem as you expect to be shown. You have a very strong sex drive as do nearly all Scorpios. You know how to use others to get your way because you are severe, worldly, and very subtle.

You dislike any show of helplessness in others and are not one for self-pity; perhaps because you worry about your own weaknesses so much. You probably have a great deal of anxiety and confusion deep inside even though you seem confident on the surface.

You urgently want to succeed and this may be one reason. Maybe success is just your manner of assuring yourself that you are all those things individuals say you are. You do not believe a word of the kudos bestowed on you deep down. Your goal in life is an endless search for status whatever the reason.

You love technology, so you definitely have the ability to become the next “Michael Dell” or “Meg Whitman”.

You will lead a really cold existence if you do not expand your spiritual, cerebral, and emotional views. Self-acceptance is something you need to learn. Rather than begrudging those who seem to have more, love and treasure yourself for whom you are. No matter how hard or gifted someone may be, everyone has limitations.

Above are some of the most powerful sun and moon combinations in the zodiac. These powerful combinations are a force to be reckon with….There are more powerful sun & moon combinations out there, but that’s for another post.

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