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Burden Of A “Leo” Woman

The burden of a “Leo” woman is she wants perfection, devoted attention, and has high expectations from her mate. When that mate doesn’t meet her high expectations she becomes devastated.

When she loves, she loves hard. Loving to hard will be a Gift, and a Curse throughout her lifetime. She has a big heart, but that heart becomes broken rather easily.

She also gets bored easily. Secretly she craves for adventure, lusty escapades, spontaneous romantic nights, and excitement. The Leo woman has to understand long-term relationships will be boring, predictable, and repetitive at times.

Her life’s burden is trying to search for the “Perfect” mate that doesn’t exist. A “Leo” woman craves for a great powerful “Hero”, the knight in shining armor. Even though she is very loyal, she will look elsewhere if she doesn’t feel appreciated.

Leo Woman

Lion Queen

She Is The Queen Of Her Castle

Let’s keep it all the way real she is “High Maintenance” when in relationships. A Leo woman is known to be a “Diva”. She can be somewhat selfish, yet giving.

This woman can be bossy, demanding, and aggressive at times, when she feels that she is not getting enough attention from her mate. She isn’t the one that will hold her tongue.

Sometimes she is even the “Head” of the household in relationships, but secretly wants a man strong enough to make her submit, which she will never do totally. The Leo woman will secretly melt in the presence of a strong masculine man who doesn’t let her run over him. The Leo woman is simple, yet complex.

She is known for dating younger men because she is youthful in “Spirit”, and secretly doesn’t want to feel old. If she is on the dark side she will date younger men for control reasons.

Her Positive Side Does Outweigh The Negative!

When balanced she can be a fun, intelligent, exciting, affectionate, devoted, loving, and a loyal Wife. She usually loves children and can be a powerful, loving devoted mother. Dedicating most of her time on her children’s well being.

When focused she can be very ambitious. When she wants something she knows how to get it. She can be very persuasive and charming in social settings.

The Leo woman’s lifestyle is simple, but with modern trends.  She is innovative but also with traditions conceptions.  Her taste is classy and choosy.  You can notice her carrying exclusive and unique things with her. Her dress-ups are selective. She wears designs of appealing garments.  This woman’s taste is unique and different from others.

It’s said she is most compatible with Libra, Gemini, Aquarius, Leo, Aries and Sagittarius.

If she is after power and wealth she will attract and can even marry a Capricorn, and Scorpio men.

Cancer males makes her fall in love, but can be to clingy, needy, and, emotional for her long-term.

Taurus brings out her sensual and affectionate side, but they are both stubborn and possessive, it will be the clash of the “Titans”.

She does have flings with Virgo, but it usually doesn’t last long-term.

She can attract a “Pisces” male, but rarely last unless she has a lot of earth and water signs in her chart.


Some Notable Leo Women: Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Vivica Fox, Martha Stewart, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Charlize Theron, Whitney Houston, Meagan Good, & much more.

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