Stop Wasting Valuable Time Rents Due Bitch

Rents Due
Rent's Due Bitch
Rents Due

Rent’s Due Bitch

Ain’t nothing going on but the “Rent”

One thing about me is when I ask people to do something, I always offer compensation for their time, and labor. We are all grown now and nothing in life is “Free”. Time is “Money”. You must always put yourself in the other persons shoes before requesting their services for free.

We live in a “Capitalistic” society. You must learn to respect other people’s time, if you want to continue to live in “America”. America will force you to be about your “Finances” whether you like it, or not. Fuck your feelings…Rents Due Bitch.

Stop Wasting Valuable Time-Grown Man Talk

Grown Man Talk:

Men: Stop being so sensitive. Men grow a stronger bond when productivity is present. Stop with the small talk, and gossiping, when no money is being made with each acting like you’re friends. Families need to be fed by any means. We are not in “High School” anymore. “Productivity” is the glue that bonds real “MEN”.

You need a support system/team to make this real money, and make your dreams into reality. You cant do it by yourself. Your circle is very important to your “Rise”.

This 30 day bill cycle isn’t playing with overly sensitive “Men”. Your woman isn’t playing games “Either”. We have to protect, provide, and build empires for the women, and children. Period…Stop playing games with your life, and get on this “Grown Man” shit. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad because you want to “Eat”

Unless you are diagnosed with an “Mental Illness”, or you’re “Disabled” there aren’t many programs that cares about your feelings. One wrong move, and you’ll literally become “Homeless”.

Rents Due

Rents Due-Stop Playing Games With Your Life

Stop Playing Games With Your Life!

You don’t have the “Privilege” as a “Male” to keep lollygagging with your life. You have to be around other productive men whether you work a 9-5 job, or work for yourself. Time is money, and it’s very important to watch how you use your time. Stop wasting time with men who would rather “Gossip” with you, instead of opening a path to help you hunt for “Food”.

Don’t let other men in their feelings get in the way of you feeding yourself, and your family…Period. Also do not let your own feelings get in the way of feeding yourself and others. If the people around you isn’t an “Asset” you have to deal with them from “Afar”.

Disassociate yourself from people who makes you feel bad about wanting to “Eat”. They’re the finest “Manipulators”. They call you names like “Opportunist”, “User”, “Materialistic“, etc to make you feel bad. While they’re the real “Opportunist” trying to subliminally stop you from eating.

Those people usually want to eat the biggest meals, while you watch in hunger. The raw reality is they want to be worshiped, while you suffer. Your suffering is their fake “Happiness”. Your depression & low self-esteem is most likely present because you are surrounded by pure “Assholes”

Do not let others make you feel bad about wanting to “Eat”…“Rents Due Bitch”

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