Is ‘Social Media’ Destroying Your Self Esteem?

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Is “Social Media” Destroying Your Self Esteem?

Is ‘Social Media’ Destroying Your Self Esteem?

Sometimes you have to take a step back off social media to analyze if its effecting your personal well-being and self-esteem. Social Media to me is a place you can communicate with old/new friends, promote/brand your business, inspire others, learn about new trends, etc. It becomes a curse when you perceive it to be real.

You have to understand that social media is an artificial virtual world that can take over your whole life, If you let it. Therefore, in today’s social media platforms a lot of men are flaunting their fake position and prestige, while women are teasing you with their false beauty.

Snap Chat, Twitter, Instagram, and sometimes Facebook can create an environment for depression, illusions, hate, jealousy, envy, imitating, and fake competition. People are posting their fake lifestyles just to stunt on you, thus causing you to copycat trying to keep up with the fake “Jones’s”.

If you are not careful, you can go through unnecessary mood swings, anger, hurt, envy, jealousy, depression, etc based on watching, and comparing yourself to other people’s inflated fake lifestyles on social media.

Social Media

Women & Social Media

Women: Sometimes Its Rough For You On Today’s Social Media Platforms.

You as a woman have to endure the most deceptive tactics when other women “Photoshop” their way into trying to look better than you. Thus, “Social Media” can make you think your current beauty, and body isn’t a gift from “GOD”. When it is…Every women has beauty to express. Some women on social media don’t even care about the men gawking at their fake beauty, they’re to busy stunting on other women.

Hear me out before you judge: I will never criticize or judge a woman who wants attention, and cares about expressing her beauty to the public. On the real, expressing beauty is a big part of your existence on this planet. Thus, you are here to spread Love, Crave Attention/Attraction, and to create beautiful environments. So, there is nothing wrong with loving yourself.

The only thing is: If you as a woman don’t understand the power of balance, obtaining knowledge, and wisdom of your true self. You will be forever imprisoned by your lust for “Outer Beauty”. Once you’re overly obsessed with only your outer beauty, while craving too much unnecessary attention is when your “True Beauty” starts to “Fade”.

You must understand that your true beauty as a woman starts from within and radiates outward. Don’t let others affect your self-esteem, and well-being. You are beautiful…

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Men & Social Media

Men Are Effected By Social Media Too

It’s too much fake competition on social media on who looks the best, who has the most money & the most material possessions. Men are in competition to show off position, prestige, and who has the best looking women around them.

This fake competition can have other men spending their last dollar, faking their life’s story, and taking penitentiary chances just to show off for people who don’t even know them.

It will be best not to get caught up in this manipulation game. This manipulation has soft weak men wanting only so-called “Bad Bitches”, while shunning the real “Queens” that can help them build a real lasting family dynasty.

Men: You must understand no matter how Wise, Honorable, Successful, Intelligent, Lawful, Calculated, Powerful you portray to others, A large part of your true “Character” is shown by the “Woman” you choose to be with…Magnate Lifestyle

In Conclusion

“Social Media” can be a gift and a curse or can be an asset or a liability depending how you use it. It will be best to use social platforms to connect with innovative people, promote your online businesses/blog, to teach, create, inspire, motivate, and to learn. Try not to let “Social Media” take over your life. Take a break sometimes.

Real Talk…Magnate Lifestyle

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