Single Women: Here Are Some Secrets On How To Obtain And Keep A Great Man

Single Women
How To Obtain & Keep A "Great Man"
Single Women

How To Obtain & Keep A “Great Man”

Single Women: Here Are Some Secrets On How To Obtain And Keep A “Great Man”

Single Women: I’m a tell you some secrets on how to obtain a man, and how to keep the man you really want. It’s not just about your looks either. It’s about your swagg, the way you speak to him, your touch and nurturing skills. Did you ever wonder why so-called ugly women get nice looking men? It’s because they treat the man how he needs to be treated. Now imagine that you have the looks of a dime piece, and the nurturing skills of a so-called ugly woman? You will be on top of the food chain when it comes to obtaining and keeping a “Great Man”. Here is a powerful list to help you become the master of seduction.

Here is a quick list:

1) Make sure you’re a great communicator with a great sense of “Humor”.
2) Show him you are good with money, without being selfish or cheap.
3) Show him that you are intelligent, but do not challenge his
“Ego”, feed his ego without selling your own “Soul”.
4) Cook for him, if you don’t know how to cook, “Learn”.
5) Show him you love “Children”, don’t fake it though, he will see right thru you.
6) Show him that you’re trustworthy, supportive, a good listener, nurturing, caring, and affectionate(Very Important).
7) Talk up to him if you don’t like something, but do not challenge him in a masculine way, Challenge him in a feminine firm way…A closed mouth won’t get fed when it comes to relationships.
8) Make sure your hygiene is in tip-top shape, and your home is always clean. A man never forgets a woman’s scent, and how her house looked.
9) Dress to impress, Always try to stay “Classy” as possible.
10) Do not, I repeat do not show him you’re dating other men thinking that will make him want you more, it will backfire. You must understand men are very possessive, jealous, and territorial even if they don’t show it. If you play those type of games with him, he will never trust you.
11) Last but least if you choose to become intimate with him in the bedroom “Rock His MF World”. Do not hold back.


Women’s Dating Secrets

It’s a lot more to this list, but these are the core secrets to his heart.

You must be compatible also, you can’t get around “Compatibility”. Trust me this list works, even if it doesn’t keep the man you want, I guarantee he will never forget you, and may even come back begging for your company again and again…You don’t have to stay single, if you don’t want to.

Remember you’re the foundation to all relationships. You have the power to choose the right type of man for you. But once you choose that right man, you have to put in work to keep him. You can either make a man or break him, it’s your choice. Now go out there and claim your “Knight In Shining Armor”.

Don’t play no games these days when it comes to dating. You must understand its major competition for valuable men out here. Laziness is not allowed! If you snooze, you lose.

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