The Secrets To Building A Family Dynasty Is Within ‘Business Ownership’

Family Dynasty

Build A Family Dynasty

The Real Secrets To Building A “Family Dynasty” Is Within “Business Ownership”

If you want to build real wealth that will last over generations. You must invest in yourFamily Bloodline” and start building businesses today. You can purchase land to start a “Real Estate” business, or you can purchase precious jewels to start a jewelry business. You can start a car wash, a grocery store, a clothing line, etc. Also you have a choice to start a business from scratch, or purchase an existing business.

Building businesses are the real secrets to creating true “Wealth”, because there is no limit to your income.

At this time people are focusing on self employment more than ever. That’s the “American” dream coming true for some. I’m sorry the rich didn’t tell you these secrets early on while you continue beg for job from them. The goal is to create jobs for yourself, your family, and others.

The good news is you may not need a lot of money to start your business. You can start your business small. Remember a small business has the potential to grow into a large international corporation over time.

Now before you start a business you must understand, it’s easier to be an employee than to own and operate a successful “Business”. You are responsible for your own “Income”. You will have to network with others more, and most likely will work a lot harder than an employee to build your business.

Most of the time you will have to work 50-70 hours plus per week. You will most likely have to wait years to see a profit, but hang in there because most of the “Richest” and “Wealthiest” people in the world are “Business Owners”.

Once you build an international business your family will be valued and respected all around the world. You must focus on building a firm family dynasty from this day forth.



Virgo Woman

Women You Have The Power


Women you have so much power, you need to push your man to be a “Business Owner”

Women you are the foundation to building aFamily Dynasty“. Don’t just tell your spouse to just go get a job. Push your man into “Business Ownership. If your man is eager to be a business owner, support him 110%. It will be worth it in the long run.

Do not ever leave a man with a business plan. I’m saying that to say this, at this time it will be better to make major sacrifices now to see the future progress of your “Family Bloodline“.

Please understand, If men do not have the woman’s support to be a “Business Owner” most likely a man will never be one. Matter of fact as women you can also focus on being a “Business Owner” too. Business Ownership” isn’t just for men.

Hustle For Your Last Name “Dame Dash”

It’s time to hustle for your “Last Name”, not your first

Dame Dash” was right when he said you can’t pass down a job to your children, but you can pass a business down. He said “I hustle for my last name”, not for my first. In certain communities they will only use a job to eventually own a “Business”.

They hardly ever teach their children to just work the same job all their life, because they know a job will not get them wealthy.

Don’t worry you’re not alone they’re a lot people who doesn’t know the power of business ownership.

Parents should teach their children the power of business ownership early. Your children are precious jewels. Teach them about family importance, education, and push them to start a “Family Business”. Dynasties are created by investing in your children.

Money is more powerful when its “Old”. Knowledge, success, and material possessions means nothing without family and a connection with your bloodline. Having pride for your bloodline/genetics is the key to “God’s” kingdom.

Respect, teach and love your children. Make sure you raise your children to respect the power of “Business Ownership”. Always remember the secrets to real wealth is obtained through business ownership, land, natural resources, and inheritance.

Passing down Inheritance to your children is one of the greatest gifts from “GOD”. Just ask “Donald Trump”. Poverty is worse than 1000 plagues, and is a major threat to your familyBloodline“. Bloodline Business Talk.

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