Raw Discipline, Creativity & Old Fashion Hard Work Is Key

Hard Work
Raw Discipline, Creativity, and Good Old Fashion Hard Work Is Key
Hard Work

Raw Discipline, Creativity, & Hard Work

Motivational Speeches and Inspirational Videos Are Not Enough

First of all these motivational speeches and so-called inspirational videos that you see on the internet are selling you fake dreams about building successful businesses overnight. When Good Old Hard Work, Patients & Dedication is needed to become successful. Most are selling you fake pursuits of happiness dreams, and fake get rich quick schemes just so they can become rich off your misery.

Therefore, they’re manipulating you into purchasing products and services from them. On the real, most people are broke and living in poverty more than ever before. While these so-called motivational gurus are constantly selling you false dreams of becoming rich.

At the end of the day you’re in charge of becoming successful. Nobody else has that much power to push you towards “Greatness”.

When in actuality, you can’t do it by yourself over the long-term. You will run out of fuel, ideas, long-term support, and resources. Instead of practicing group economics and working hard as a team. People are mostly on solo missions constantly running into brick walls. They must understand that Unity Within Your Inner Circle, Co-Operation Between Like Minds, Dark Motivation(Inner Motivation), Raw Discipline, Old Fashion Hard Work, Philanthropy, and Preserving Culture are the real secrets to building lasting wealth.

Along with Business/Land Ownership, and Investing into your “Family Bloodline”. Thus, you must start focusing on self, your community, family and your inner circle’s success. Always remember It takes a village to raise a child, and to build true economic foundations for the many. It’s not only about you.


Depression comes from suppression of one’s “True Nature”

Most People Today Are Suffering From Depression Trying To Keep Up With The Jones’s

I remembered taking the bus to “Barnes & Noble” a few years back. After about 20 minutes into the bus ride, this homeless man got on the bus and started speaking to me. He said: The main reason I’m homeless is because of the pressure from my family to be successful. He also said instead of helping and supporting me in a time of need. They just sit there and watch me suffer while criticizing my every move. Therefore, that’s why he gave up on chasing the “American Dream” all together.

Depression, insomnia, mental illness, homelessness, and anxiety are present at alarming rates these days. This is happening because people are constantly being pressure to win the rat race on who’s successful first. Most people at this time are mentally giving up because they feel alone, and left out the rat race.

The “Elite” financial capitalists created this rat race society, so you can easily be controlled, manipulated, and monitored. They know only a few will make it through this complex maze, while the rest will be running on a never-ending treadmill to nowhere. Magnate Lifestyle

Most are over stressed by not having a strong loving support systems in place, and they’re constantly being surrounded by selfish friends/family members who will watch them suffer, while secretly judging their downfalls. When in reality you’re way more valuable than “Material Possessions“, Fake Riches, and Phony Prestige.

In Conclusion

Now, I’m not saying motivational speeches and inspirational videos don’t work.

They Do: I’m just saying they’re not enough to overcome depression, poverty, and low self-esteem. The key to real success is self motivation, raw discipline, creativity and old fashion hard work. So it will be best to set your goals high and go at your own pace to reach them. There are no short-cuts to building wealth. Good Ole hard work and dedication equals success. One of the greatest books ever wrote on the benefits of hard work is “Mastery By Robert Greene”.

Powerful…Magnate Lifestyle

Keith J. Leigh

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