Powerful Steps To Building Wealth From Scratch: ‘Stack & Starve’

Building Wealth
Build Wealth From Scratch
Building Wealth

Build Wealth From Scratch

How To Build Real Wealth From Scratch: Stack & Starve

There are many ways to building real lasting wealth. But today we’re going to focus on building wealth from scratch, while Stacking & Starving. This article will be raw, truthful, and intense as you may lose more than you win on the road to “Power & Wealth”. Therefore, we will show you some powerful steps to becoming a wealthy mastermind.

I started from the bottom, Now where here. “Drake” (Platinum Selling Rapper)

At this time too many people in “America” are fake “Balling”. These people think that building wealth is flamboyant, fun and flashy. When in raw reality it takes lots of sacrifice, hard work, dedication, long boring days/nights, persistence, patience and dogged determination to build wealth from scratch.

After reading this article you will learn how to come up from nothing. I’m talking about coming from 0 dollars to over $250k and more over time. I have to warn you first about reading this article. This type of content isn’t for the faint of heart. An article like this is based on “Dark Motivation” and what it entails.

Wealth building is very challenging due to the raw ugly sacrifices it will take to accomplish your goals. It would be wise to read this article with an open mind and heart. Here are some powerful steps to building real lasting wealth from scratch:

Building Wealth

Great Sacrifice Is Inevitable

1) It Will Take “Great Sacrifice” To Build Wealth From Scratch:

You will not build wealth, if you think it will be an easy road to drive down. In fact building wealth is the hardest road to take on because of the exhausting hard work, sacrifice, and high risk lifestyle. If it was that easy to build wealth, then everybody would be rich. If you study wealthy people they all have a dark story to tell about the bumpy road to building wealth and the ugly sacrifices it took to get there.

Without suffering, loss and pain, there is no gain…Magnate Lifestyle

I hate to tell you this, but you may lose your family, friends, children, etc and create many enemies on your way to building real wealth. You may have to sacrifice date nights, night clubs appearances, vacations, and other fun activities to build this wealth in the beginning.

Also, you may have to drive used cars(buckets), or even catch buses to get this real money from scratch. So the question is: Are you ready to bust your gun to get this real money(DMX Voice In The Movie:Belly)? (Not Literally)

Building Wealth

Overhead Low and Income High

2) Keep Your Overhead Low and Your Income High:

Once again, I hate to bust your bubble, but if your personal monthly overhead is too high, you will not build wealth…Period. I know lots of people whose goal was to get rich, while at the same time trying to keep up with the Jones’s. The truth is, most of the time you can’t have your cake, and ice cream too.

You have to make a choice: Do I sacrifice my current lifestyle to build this real wealth, or do I continue with my fake baller expensive lifestyle because I care about what other people think? The choice is yours…

When your “Overhead” is too high, that means your money is too “Low”…Magnate Lifestyle

If your serious about building wealth, but you’re already married, I advise you to move in with retired family members, or recruit an accountable room-mate to help pay your rent/mortgage, and bills. In extreme cases it would be wise to move down to a lesser financial lifestyle until your wealthy empire is built. But the raw reality is most people don’t want to sacrifice their current lifestyle for future success.

If you’re single I advise you to move in with your friends or family members too. Especially if your living in a big expensive city. Remember this is all temporary until you can reach your set goals.

When building wealth from scratch you will most likely have to invest in real estate, several business start-ups, stocks, and other wealth building ventures. So, it will be best to keep your overhead low as possible. The lower your monthly overhead, the more money you will have available to re-invest and save.

Building Wealth

Stack & Starve

3) Learn How To “Stack & Starve” When Building Wealth From Scratch:

You must calculate your financial steps to understand the power of the stacking & starving lifestyle. For those who don’t know “Stack & Starve” is a street quote equivalent to “Delayed Gratification”. This powerful quote comes from the brothers and sisters who sold drugs in the streets, and built empires starting from nothing. Therefore, they hustled, and saved most of their money all winter, and would only come out in the summer time just to stunt.

When my money is low, I learned how to “Stack & Starve”…Magnate Lifestyle

During the winter you wouldn’t even see these street brothers and sisters out in night clubs, house parties, etc because they where too focused on their grind. Some even disappeared all together to a quiet town and locked it down just to come back richer than ever. Sometimes you have to disappear to reappear a 1000 times stronger than before.

Building Wealth

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

4) You Will Have To Cut Off The Nay-Sayers, Secret Haters and Dis-tractors:

Building wealth can be a lonely mission at times because most people don’t have the “Balls” to go down that road with you. So, it’s very important to have a strong support system around you. Your “Inner Circle” is very important to your success. If you have secret haters, redundant dis-tractors, and nay-Sayers around you, it will be more challenging to build wealth, unless you cut them completely off.

Show me your friends and I will show you your future…”Dan Pena”

Yeah, I know you love your friends, but if they’re not with you, then they’re against you. No in between…Just because you grew up with them doesn’t mean you need to be naive to their hating tendencies. If you read the book “48 Laws Of Power” it stated that friends can become intensely jealous and envious because they’re emotionally attached to your moves. I know this to be true from my own experiences. Keep them haters out your circle!

Also marrying the wrong spouse can effect your success and wealth too. So, it’s very important to be calculated when choosing your life long partner. Always remember that marriage is business in “America”. Choosing the wrong spouse can be disastrous to your potential wealth.

In Conclusion

On your way to building wealth “There Will Be Blood”. So, it will be very important to stay prepared, so you don’t have to get prepared. Also you must develop thick skin and a hard skull to over power the harsh critics, and nay-Sayers that you will encounter. Thus, you will meet dangerous enemies and powerful road blockers when you chose to live this lifestyle.

Building wealth is like training for a championship boxing match. You will  have to train hard everyday while sacrificing your normal daily life until the fight is won. Thus, It will be best to Read Many Powerful Books, Manage Your Money Correctly, Work Hard, and live a raw Primal Lifestyle while going after what you want with intense animal passion. As building wealth is a way of life, not a fad.

Powerful…Primal Titans

For more information about building real wealth from scratch purchase this powerful book: The Millionaire Mind


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