Powerful Business Moguls, Politicians & Their Astrological Sun Signs

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Business Astrology For Moguls
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Business Astrology For Moguls

Powerful Business Moguls, Politicians & Their Astrological Sun Signs

Bill Gates(Microsoft) Sun Sign: Scorpio (Fixed Water Sign)

Bill Gates is a typical Scorpio who does what it takes to get the job done. When he started Microsoft he was so passionate about his business that he dropped out of college. He was a fierce competitor in the technology industry who didn’t take no for an answer. He ran his company like a well oiled machine ready for battle. His passionate nature and hard-work built Microsoft into a Trillion dollar company.

Scorpio Business Traits: No Nonsense Business Person, hardworking, intense, very passionate, stubborn determination, emotional power, powerful, and sometimes ruthless on the way to the top. Do not be fooled by his “Nerd” appearance.

Sean P. Diddy Combs(Bad Boy/Ciroc) Sun Sign: Scorpio (Fixed Water Sign)

Everybody can see the Scorpio passion oozing off Diddy(Formerly P.Diddy). He is a no-nonsense entertainment mogul who discovered the late great Biggie Smalls and founded “Bad Boy Entertainment(Formerly Bad Boy Records). When he speaks people listen. Even when you don’t listen he will forcefully command your attention. As a business leader he isn’t afraid to get in the trenches and fight with his soldiers. He showed that same passion and intensity when building the Ciroc Vodka Brand. Diddy is on his way to be the first hip hop Billionaire. He is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment and spirits industry.

Scorpio Business Traits: No Nonsense Business Person, hardworking, stubborn determination, intense, very passionate, controlled emotions, fearless, devoted, thoughtful, shrewd investor, possessive, calculating, and ruthless at times, and good with other people’s money.

Oprah Winfrey(OWN) Sun Sign: Aquarius (Fixed Air Sign)

Oprah Winfrey is a force to be reckon with when it comes to the entertainment business, television, and talk shows. She used her communication skills, humanitarian niche, and progressive mindset to build an entertainment empire. As an Aquarius sun sign she showed the world how being good with other people pays off. She is the first black female billionaire in American history.

Aquarius Business Traits: Humanitarian, truthful, scientific, progressive, innovative, futuristic, creative, rebel, cool, detached, aloof, independent, ambitious, and intelligent.

Martha Stewart Sun Sign: Leo (Fixed Fire Sign)

Martha Stewart is a “Leo Billionaire” that used her culinary skills to entertain the world. Leo is the sign of television and entertainment. Martha Stewart used her “Leo” charm and commanded an audience from around the world to admire her cooking.

Leo Business Traits: Ambitious, sometimes risky, energetic, straightforward, headstrong, dominating, bossy, optimistic, stubborn determination, leadership, enterprising, great under pressure, egomaniac at times, creative, and generous.

Barack Obama Sun Sign Leo: (Fixed Fire Sign)

Barack Obama the Political Leo Leader. He will go down in history as one of America’s best presidents. He used his Leo charm, good speech, and determination all the way to the “White House. As a powerful “Leo Leader” he knew how to command and control the audience.

Leo Traits: Ambitious, energetic, straightforward, headstrong, dominating, bossy, optimistic, stubborn determination, leadership, enterprising, great under pressure, egomaniac at times, creative, and generous.

Michelle Obama Sun Sign: Capricorn (Cardinal Earth Sign)

Michelle Obama the Capricorn advisor from behind the scenes. She is ambitious, tough, focused, educated and wise. She supported and helped Barack Obama become President Of The United States Of America. She used her Capricorn grace to keep the audience entertained while “Barack Obama” Ran the country.

Capricorn Traits: Business leadership, wise investments, practical, focused, governmental leadership, tycoon, wealth builder, workaholic, calculating, authoritative, and ruthless at times.

Russell Simmons Sun Sign: Libra (Cardinal Air Sign)

Russell Simmons built one of the largest and the most successful hip hop label in the music industry. His label Def Jam Records was home to LL Cool J, Run DMC, Foxy Brown, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Jay Z, DMX, Ja Rule, Etc. As a Libra which represents business partnerships and communication, he started def jam records with business partner Rick Ruben. He used his diplomatic, social and communication skills to lure new artist to sign to his record label. He also built Rush Communications, and his clothing line “Phat Farm” into million dollar business empires.

Libra Business Traits: Sign of Law & justice, political, modest investor, tactful, business partnerships, adaptable, persuasive, Intelligence, communicative, diplomatic, and a graceful socialite.

Mark Cuban Sun Sign:(Owner Of Dallas Mavericks): LEO (Fixed Fire Sign)

Mark Cuban the stubborn, headstrong, outspoken owner of the “NBA Team Dallas Mavericks”. He is definitely a “Leo”. He loves an audience that’s why he joined the popular show “Shark Tank”. Its way bigger than money for him, it’s about the glory of winning and the attention that excites him.

Leo Business Traits: Ambitious, sometimes risky, energetic, straightforward, headstrong, dominating, bossy, optimistic, stubborn determination, leadership, enterprising, great under pressure, egomaniac at times, creative, and generous.

50 Cent Sun Sign: Cancer (Cardinal Water Sign)

50 Cent the Cancerian platinum rapper, film producer, and business magnate. He used set backs, pain, and losses to fuel his animal passion for greatness. Even though he had a lot of enemies in the streets, and got shot nine times, he still overcame adversity to become one of the best-selling rap artist in music history. He sometimes uses his emotional power to get under other people’s skin to sell records. Also he is frugal, shrewd, and calculated when it comes to investing. He was smart enough to invest in Vitamin Water and when Coca Cola bought the company in 2007, he profited over $150 Million Dollars.

Cancer Business Traits: Money management, emotional power, passion, devoted, compassionate, family life/business, hoarding, sometimes emotional manipulation, creative business mogul, shrewd investor, and frugal with money.

Warren Buffet Sun Sign: Virgo (Mutable Earth Sign)

Warren Buffet is the second richest person in the world according “Forbes Magazine”. He used his Virgo investment strategies to build a trillion dollar empire. As a Virgo master investor he is intelligent, patient, efficient and calculated when it comes to the stock market.

Virgo Business Traits: efficiency, perfectionism, intelligence, adaptable, industriousness, frugal at times, workaholic, hygiene, health, patient, calculated investments, and material reward mindset).

Bob Johnson (Former Owner Of BET) Sun Sign: Aries (Cardinal Fire Sign)

Bob Johnson is the pioneer of black entertainment television(BET). He was the first black business owner of a television station. Him and his wife built BET into an entertainment power house. He then sold BET to Viacom in 2000 for 2.3 Billion USD. Which made him the first black billionaire in America: His net worth at this time is around 3 Billion.

Aries Business Traits: Aggressive, sometimes violent, pioneering, ambitious, Initiator of business start-ups, Leadership Potential(More as a General type leader, than a King), inspirational, action-orientated, warrior, and soldier.

Birdman and Slim of the “Cash Money Empire” Sun Signs: Aquarius (Fixed Air Sign) and Gemini(Slim)

Bryan “Birdman” Williams the Aquarian Entertainment Business Mogul. Him and His Brother Ronald “Slim” Williams(Gemini) built one of the most lucrative record labels in music history. Cash Money Records is home to Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj and countless others. Birdman is the flamboyant social one who enjoys the limelight and being around the artist, while his brother Ronald “Slim” Williams stays in the background handling the operations.

Aquarius Business Traits: Humanitarian, stubborn in thought, truthful, scientific, progressive, innovative, futuristic, creative, rebellious, eccentric, cool, detached, aloof, independent, ambitious, and intelligent.

Gemini Business Traits: Courage, tolerant, energetic, resourceful, impulsive, adaptable, intelligent, communicative, diplomatic, witty, quick minded, and good with words.

Mark Zuckerberg (Founder Of Facebook) Sun Sign: Taurus (Fixed Earth Sign)

Introducing Mark Zuckerberg the persistent tech mogul. He built Facebook into a trillion-dollar empire. When he started “Facebook” he was so determined that he stay up many late nights to build the social media company’s audience. Even though he had help from his college school mates. He stayed determined and focused on building the Facebook empire with or without his friends. Mark Zuckerberg is a true Taurus who doesn’t let anything or anyone get in his way of material success.

Taurus Business Traits: Dogmatic, persistence, stubborn determination, slow mover, loves material possession including you, slow to anger, reliable, affectionate, private, builder, money manager, and empire builder.


You too can become a powerful business mogul by following the instructions to starting your business from scratch. But you must learn to master the strengths of your “Astrological Sun Sign”. Also a full “Natal Chart” is needed to really know your full potential in business…

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