Passion Vs Profit: Should You Go After Your Passion Or Profit?

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Passion Vs Profit
Passion Vs Profit

Passion Vs Profit

Passion Vs Profit: Should You Go After Your Passion Or Profit?

This is a deep article because many people in America are confused these days about their career choices. They’re stuck between living out their passion or going after profit. The raw reality is passion doesn’t always equate to profit. But you don’t want to be stuck at a dead-end job, or business you’re not passionate about either.

It’s believed that a person should pursue their passions at all costs because they remain committed to such causes even when the going gets tough.

Passion comes from the latin word Passio, meaning to suffer. In more modern definitions it means intense emotion or desire. Passion is intense emotion associated with an idea, a cause, or a potential business venture; it usually is tied to the gifts and talents of a person and, because of the love for such causes, a person may go on executing such passions without being paid.

While profit is about starting a well proven franchise vs starting a new business from scratch with no experience. Also, profit is about choosing a career that’s in high demand and pays a great salary vs choosing a career that’s in low demand and pays a low salary that your passionate about. Feel Me? Here are some powerful examples below.

Reality Check: Most people who chases after their passions without profit will most likely end up broke and in debt. “Magnate Lifestyle”.

Passion Vs Profit

Technology Company Vs Shoe Company

Technology Business Vs Shoe Business (Entrepreneurship):

So, you’ve decided to start a new business from scratch. Your thinking of starting a new business selling shoes because you’re a passionate sneaker freak, but the competition is through the roof. And most shoe stores start-ups shut down within the first year of business. It can be profitable, but its a very risky business investment during the beginning stages.

Vs becoming a computer scientist first, working a job and then starting a powerful technology company creating tech products and accessories? Which has a higher demand. Plus, even if you don’t succeed at starting a technology company, you still can get a job quicker as a “Computer Scientist” than any other profession at this time. But the problem with choosing this career is you’re not really into computers that much, you’re not that good at math and you don’t have the patience to finish school. So the question is: Which business should you start?

Many people have been urged to “follow their goals and dreams.” But what happens when the dreams and passions of an entrepreneur does not make business sense, and cannot attract funding from investors, plus is not saleable?

Passion Vs Profit

Musician Vs Physician

Musician Vs Physician (Career):

Let’s say you’re a college student who’s very passionate about becoming a musician and following your dreams. But you secretly know the odds are intensely against you on making a living off that career choice. On top of that, your parents want you to finish college and become a “Medical Doctor”.

Now, the average salary of a musician is around $50k per year, if you have the right backing. While the average salary of a “Medical Doctor” is around $175,000.00 per year.

Plus, the music business is over-saturated with millions of musicians trying to make it big, While the medical field is in high demand. But when you get nervous around the sight of blood and really isn’t interested in working long hours 7 days a week for a career you not passionate about. Which career should you choose?

Based on the massive economic benefits along with the prestige of that powerful position. Choosing to become a Medical Doctor would be the most logical and best choice right? No, not really because if you’re not passionate about being a medical doctor. You wouldn’t do a very good job in that field, and will most likely quit before you start. So, it would be very important to re-evaluate your inner self to discover what career choice matches with your personal lifestyle. While focusing on monetizing that choice.

In Conclusion “Passion Vs Profit”

Many people are stuck between their passions vs profit these days. They key here is to find a balance between the two, because you don’t want to continue to make profit in a field you’re not passionate about. But you don’t want to chase your passions without profit either. Bottom line is your goal should be finding something your passionate about that has a great chance of making profit or at least paying a great salary.

Don’t make life harder on yourself by going after business ventures, or careers that you know deep down inside is like squeezing blood out of a turnip. Also, you will most likely have to do what you don’t like at first to get what you really want later on. Therefore, you may have to work at a dead-end job that you hate for a few years before choosing your passion.

Make sure you choose your passions with a calculated strategic mindset. Our Passions keeps us energized, fulfilled and stimulated. Balance is always “Key” when it comes to passion vs profit. A great book that you can read to unlock your passion and purpose is “Mastery By Robert Greene”. This is one of the most powerful books in the game, when learning how to master your craft.

Powerful…Primal Titans

Musician Salary Source: Singer/Salary

Physician Salary Source: Doctor-Salary

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