Once Again Drake’s More Life Is Breaking Streaming Records


Once Again Drakes “More Life” Is Breaking Streaming Records

The “Drake” Brand is definitely making moves in the music industry…He is a “Legend” in the making…If he keeps going at this pace the “Music Mogul” is set to be on Jay Z’s level or higher in the coming years….

Drake’s most recent release, “More Life” has only been out since Saturday and it’s already broken two Spotify records. More Life was streamed 61,302,082 times, surpassing Ed Sheeran’s Divide for first-day album streams. Drake also broke the record on Sunday for single-day artist streams, with 76,355,041 streams.

More Life has set a new record for best first day streams for an album, racking up over 61.3 million streams in its first full day, while Drake himself set the record for best one day streams from an artist, with more than 76.3 million stream in a single day.

Sheeran’s album held the record for less than a month, but his dethroning is not exactly surprising. Drake was Spotify’s most-streamed artist for the past 2 years, and his Views track “One Dance” is still the most streamed song on the service.

As streaming services continue to grow their audiences, and artists still holding out start to recognize their value, these sorts of records are likely to shift with even greater frequency.

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