Introducing ‘Mike Rashid’ The Power Fitness Titan

Mike Rashid Fitness


Introducing “Mike Rashid” The Power Fitness Titan

In this video above he explains why he only eats 1 time a day.

Mike Rashid was born March 14th 1982 (Pisces) He is an Author, Body Builder, Ex-Professional Boxer, and Power Fitness Business Tycoon. He is from Los Angeles, California. Also he was an 2 times “Golden Gloves” winner as a professional “Boxer” and authored an E book series called “Overtraining”.

His approach to “Body Building” is not of the “Status Quo”…Mike Rashid believes in lifting very heavy weights with lots of reps til burnout which has been criticized in the fitness industry as over training. This 35 five-year old fitness guru created his own lane in the body building industry.

Mike Rashid is the CEO and Founder of IMSOALPHA iX3, Alpha Academy Apparel. He is also the co-owner of “Metroflex LBC” and “Original Addicts Gym”.

When Mike was in his late 20s, he gradually transitioned to fitness and power-bodybuilding; He became a WBFF Pro, in his later years, starting his fitness video channel on YouTube. In his fitness videos, Mike Rashid would share his knowledge on fitness, spirituality, health, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

His YouTube Channel Mike Rashid “Live Like A Lion” has over 450,000.00 subscribers and growing. He will be a force to be reckon with in the “BodyBuilding Industry”.

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Bonus Work-Out Video “Super-Sets With Mike Rashid”

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