‘Men’ Use Raw Animal Passion To Spice Up Your Relationship

Animal Passion
Animal Passion

Raw Animal Passion To Spice Up Your Relationship

‘Men’ Use Raw Animal Passion To Spice Up Your Relationship

Men: The goal is to use raw animal passion to spice up your relationship. But before that happens you must understand that the “Masculine (Male)” doesn’t even like this physical world that much. Deep down inside men want to rule, conquer this world, and get back to the cosmos (Afterlife).

The masculine faces death everyday by protecting others, building empires, and trying to govern this world. The masculine is secretly obsessed with “Death”. The only reason we learn to stay here in the physical plane is because of the “Feminine (Female”).

She represents Love, Nature, Physical Creation (Children), Sexual Energy, Beauty and Mother Earth. She teaches man how to love this material world. “Magnate Lifestyle”

Religion sometimes calls women evil because she makes you fall in love with Creation(The Physical World). But if man falls in love with this physical world too much without balance. He will become weak, fearful, passive, stagnated, and will not learn his life’s lesson. When in her right mind she is “HEAVEN” on Earth to him. Men needs her feminine energy to live, while he teaches her about death, and how not to fear death as this is all an illusion in the first place.

If the information above is too deep for you to understand, you will need to do your own research on this subject. Now let’s get to the meat of this article about spicing up your relationship…

More Ways to Power Through

Keep Your Relationship Spicy and Exciting

The key for you as a man is not to give your woman too much attention because she will get bored with you overtime. Yes, you’re to give her the necessary attention to maintain the relationship, but you must be out there focusing on conquering the world by mastering self, facing death, and building empires.

You must continue to bring excitement to the relationship to keep the flame lit. But this will only happen when you’re focusing on obtaining advanced knowledge, mastering your career, finances, and by discovering your life’s purpose. If you don’t have a mission in life, you will not give your all to your woman. Also, you’ll need to get in touch with your spiritual self to understand the complexities of the female.

Real Quality time is when you’re totally focused on your woman with no distractions. Then it’s back to business by conquering new challenges such as creating new business ventures, working out, learning advance knowledge, etc. This is deep primal relationship science. “Magnate Lifestyle”

If you want your relationship to last 10 years plus. You shouldn’t be up under your woman all the time. It will be good to give each other breathing room with other outside interest such as hobbies, creating new business ventures, exercising, etc. Sometimes you have to shake up things in the relationship, so it can stay interesting, spontaneous and exciting.

If you have children it will be best to drop them off to a family members, or trusted friends at least twice a week. This will need to happen so you can spend quality alone time with your woman.

If you stop spicing up the relationship, it will eventually become redundant, stagnated and boring with the same old daily routine. You must focus on keeping the relationship exciting, new and vibrant at all times. She will love you for it…The key is to have an active intense primal sex life with your woman while young, powerful and vibrant.

Your goal is to create an environment for your woman to let her guard completely down to become your personal passionate slut goddess…”Magnate Lifestyle”


Animal Passion Is Needed To Spice Up The Relationship

Learn To Ravish Her With Raw Animal Passion

Every woman on the planet has an inner wild slut within her, but its up to you to bring that wildness out of her. Each woman is different, but will react the same to primal raw animal passion. It doesn’t matter how conservative she expresses herself to the public, she is waiting for you to open her up and take her over. But with her it’s not only physical, you will have to make love to her mind, heart and spirit first. Thus, good communication, receiving healthy attention from her mate, and how beautiful she feels about herself within will be very important to her well-being and sex life.

Men if you want your woman to “Worship You“: Learn to share your “Dreams and Visions” with her. Let her know that she’s beautiful and sexy. Learn how to control your emotions, but don’t become a robot. Have a good sense of humor, and conquer her with dark side intense primal animal passion in the bedroom.

Example: When she is cooking in the kitchen, go up to her and gently slap her ass. Then grab her by the hips while kissing her on the back of her neck and whisper in her ear how fucking sexy she is today. “Magnate Lifestyle”

When in the bedroom ravish her, and take over her body mentally, spiritually and physically. You must make her submit to your masculine energy by knowing all her secret soft spots. Your confidence in yourself must be high to master this technique. You are to control your ejaculation until she burst in “Ecstasy” multiple times.

You are to be gentle, but very strong when making love to her...Also, you must dominate her in the bedroom with dark-side aggressive loving, which is not easy to do as she has unlimited sexual energy. When she’s in touch with her own sexuality, she has more stamina than 100 men put together. But you can do it, if you put your mind to it.

Neither woman nor world can be second-guessed, or fooled. They know when you are just dicking around. They want to receive you for real.” From “The Way of the Superior Man,” a book by David Deida

In Conclusion

Deep down inside she always wanted to submit to you in the bedroom, but you never took her completely over. For this to happen you must let your own guard down, and give all your energy towards her completely. You must completely trust her vice versa before merging with her energies, or she will feel your half ass efforts. Remember what ever you give to your woman, she will return the favor 10 fold. She is your reflection. Never take her for granted. I recommend reading these two books to spice up your relationship. These books are “The Way Of The Superior Man By David Deida and “The Art Of Seduction By Robert Greene”. Reading is powerful to the “Soul”.

Powerful…Magnate Lifestyle

Keith J. Leigh

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