Learn How To ‘Master’ Your Craft With Intense Concentration & Focus

Master Your Craft

Master Your Craft

Learn How To ‘Master’ Your Craft With Intense Concentration & Focus

The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions.” — Alfred Lord Tennyson

Chris Gotti (Irv Gotti’s) brother said in an interview that there are no short cut to success. You will always be forced to pay your dues first. The person that seems naturally gifted must still search within his/her own soul to master that gift, otherwise they will not maximize the potential of their gift.Therefore, they must practice mastering their craft.

If you study most highly successful people you will learn what they all have in common is that they mastered their craft. They found their “Niche” and focused on mastering that “Niche” with intense concentration.

Example: Bill Gates mastered “Technology”, while Warren Buffet master “Stock Investing”. Sean P Diddy Combs doesn’t write his own raps and he isn’t naturally gifted as a rapper, but yet he is the most successful wealthy hip-hop entertainer in the world. The reason why he’s on top is because he mastered being an entertainer and works harder than most naturally gifted rappers. These “Business Magnates” spent countless hours, days, months, and years mastering their crafts.

Chess Game with Focus on the King

Do not become a “Jack Of All Trades” and a “Master” Of None

Mastery requires you to focus on accomplishing a set goal without succumbing to outside distractions. If you want to master your craft you will need to become persistent, fearless, and a little stubborn. Therefore you must learn to master accomplishing your set goal by using force, intense concentration, and pushing forward with dogged determination.

Once you face your fears and enter action with calculated boldness. Then you will soon see real success over time…

Here are the necessary steps to “Mastering” your craft:
  1. Vision: You must visualize what you want with a vivid picture of the future within your “Mind”
  2. Desire: You must become internally excited on what you are visualizing
  3. Belief: You must intensely believe in what you desire.
  4. Acceptance: You must learn to fully accept that what you believe is right and exact.
  5. Intend: You must intentionally manifest what you desire
  6. Action: You must act on what you visualized as if it already manifested
  7. Allowance: You must learn to accept the outcome without any attachment to it.

You can use those steps above to carry out set goals. The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Also mastery is present only after you overcome obstacles. Only through overcoming your struggles, challenges, and obstacles does the world yield to your efforts. “Mastery” requires a small amount of “Insanity”I.

Intense Pressure overtime always creates “Diamonds”.

Everything you do in life requires time and patience. “Greatness” doesn’t manifest overnight. When “Mastering” your craft time is your best friend.

If you truly want to become the best you can be, then you must actively choose to spend your time on a set goal while avoiding distractions. You must sacrifice for your craft..The more powerful your craft is the greater the sacrifice.

Blood, Sweat and Tears will be included. Nothing comes easy. There are no short cuts to “Mastery”. It’s never to late to start mastering your craft.

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