Learn To Embrace Danger & Face Your Fears To Build Inner Strength



Learn To Embrace Danger & Face Your Fears To Build “Inner Strength”

It will always be challenges, set backs, and danger in this physical world. As a male you must face your fears and always be prepared for death.

Yes it’s perfectly normal to fear death, but when you build up the courage to embrace danger is when life really starts.

In the movie “Gladiator” Russel Crow said he is just doing this to go home to be with his wife and children. He had a vision of living happily ever after with his family, but his fear of being without his family created a reality of them dying.

The raw reality is your journey never ends when you want it too. Your “Destiny” has already been written in the stars.

There is a saying that what ever you fear comes true, so focus on controlling your thoughts, and turn fear into the fuel to face this current world. Those who always run from danger dies first.

It will be best to take the dangerous route on purpose because you will be conquering fear of the unknown


You are your worst enemy. You waste precious time dreaming of the future instead of engaging in the present…Cut your ties to the past; enter unknown territory. Place yourself on “Death Ground” where your back is against the wall and you have to fight like he’ll to get out alive. Robert Greene “The 33 Strategies Of War”

Ambition is a very good outlet for the “Ego”. If you have inner anger, aggression, pain, etc create a “Goal” for yourself….Instead of putting your pain on others redirect that energy to accomplishment. Success is always the best revenge, but success only comes after sacrifice.

Any male that says he is just here to kick back and enjoy life, hasn’t discovered his true purpose. You are here to help improve self and humanity to its greatest potential. A male must continue to challenge himself to conquer weakness in self…Being to comfortable is kryptonite to his growth.

A life without stress, pain, hurt, and challenges makes him weak. Hence, once he starts living a lifestyle of overcoming challenges he will then find happiness, and his true purpose. You can’t keep running away from danger, learn to face danger head on to build “Inner Strength”.

Pressure, Pain, and Challenge Creates a Sharper and More Intelligent Individual when the smoke clears.

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Keith J. Leigh

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