Learn The Science Of Marriage & Dynasty Building

Family Dynasty

Family Dynasty

You Must Learn The Science Of Marriage

Learning the science of marriage is the true foundation to building a Family Dynasty. The family structure is key to building “Real Wealth” over generations. Family Structure is a “Business”. Divorces are expensive and a major threat to your “Wealth”, “Mental Health”, and “Power”. Trust me, I know from experience.

Women: Your Future Husband Is “Close By”

When you stop looking and just focus on bettering you, that’s when you will attract your future “Husband”. This future mate may show up outside of events such as clubs, yacht parties, galas, day parties, bars, etc.

It’s a good chance you might meet him at the park, grocery store, convenient store, church, mosque, through a mutual friend, gas station, beach, jogging, and gym. You may meet him walking down the street, in a parking lot, paying a bill, a family function, library, and/or bookstore.

This great man may come to you when you are dressed down picking up some mail from the post office.

When approaching you he may be shy at first, and may fumble some words because of your “Beauty”. This future husband may be “Superman” disguised as “Clark Kent”.

You never know where your future “Husband” is going to meet you. He never comes when you want him to come. But it’s best to always be ready just in case he comes unexpectedly. When you meet this brilliant man, you must do what ever it takes to keep him.

Your future husband should be a good provider, protector, loyal, & loving mate. He must be a man of his word, and action. A husband who exudes Honor, Respect, Reliability, and Accountability is a great man to build a Family Dynasty.

Men: A true “Spouse” is the “Gate Keeper” to Wealth, & Inheritance

Science Of Marriage

The goal is to marry a good trustworthy woman. Women statistically outlive men, and will most likely be the custodian of the family’s treasures.

Men: Focus on marrying a woman who is humble, but isn’t naïve. Who is smart, good with money, patient, & nurturing. A woman who is totally into you, faithful, who loves children, loves her parents, is family orientated, loyal, appreciative, and caring.

This type of woman isn’t perfect, but is a rare “Treasure”.

If you meet this type of woman you should be courting her for potential marriage. Don’t play mind games with her. If you aren’t ready for marriage don’t move forward with her. Do not waste her time as she is an asset to “Great Men”.

Also with this type of woman looks shouldn’t really matter to you, she doesn’t have to be a dime piece. Marrying this type of “Woman” is great for building a wealthy family dynasty.

You can tell what type of “Man” your dealing with in “Business” based on the woman he marries

Some billionaires, millionaires, etc from other countries won’t even do business with you if you aren’t married to a respectful trustworthy woman.

Marriage to the “Wealthy” equals accountability, responsibility, reliability, and trust. Before doing business with you these great men will most likely want to meet your “Wife” first.

Remember Old Money is way more powerful than “New Money”. The “Woman” is the backbone to wealth building. She is the foundation to all civilization. So no more disrespecting the “Woman”, we must raise her up to “Greatness”. Unity is important, but if you can’t even unify with your spouse, how would you unify with others?

Business Marriage

Jay Z really got really blessed with more wealth when he got married to Beyoncé. God always protects the “Married Couple”. Focus on your own “Greatness” and build up your Family Bloodline without too many distraction. So let’s get back on our A game as men and focus more on building “Empires” for the women, and children again.

I told ya a long time ago Powerful Families run the world. Science of Marriage. Secrets to building lasting Wealth….

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