Learn To Invest In Your Bloodline – Family First

Family Bloodline Power

Family Bloodline Power

Learn To Invest In Your Bloodline – Family First

Family always comes first, before friends, before business associates, etc. You must make sure you invest into your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I’m talking about building an empire for your future generations. It’s not just about you, your career and glory. It’s about making sure your family bloodline is straight over generations.

This is powerful information because if you have a powerful loyal trustworthy spouse you can take over the world. The sky is the limit. But make sure you invest in your bloodline regardless if your married, divorced or single with children. Your children are the future and you live through their bloodline.

One of the greatest movies about family wealth and unity was “The Godfather Trilogy” Even though the movie was about the “American Mafia”, it still showed the power of family. Always remember your children are the most valuable treasures on this planet. So, it will be wise to invest in your children’s future.

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Preserve Your Family Bloodline

Learn How To Invest & Preserve Your Family Bloodline

At this time, we don’t have proof, if there’s a heaven or hell, but we can prove that your DNA never dies. You become immortal through your family bloodline. The elite of this world knows this secret science, and that’s why they’re always focusing on building, and preserving wealth within their family blood-lines. Always remember families rule the world and “Blood Is Thicker Than Water”. Even in Ancient Times(Egypt/Greece) Families ruled the world and some say those same families still rule the world til this day. But that’s for another article. Trust me “Magnate Lifestyle” is just getting started.

We wrote an article called “Learn To Think Like The Elite”. Within that powerful article lies powerful information about how they think, move and play advance psychological Chess with life. The good news is you can use those same strategic tactics within your quest for wealth, power and glory, if you choose.

We just show you the blueprint to the game, it’s up to you if you want to accept it, or not. We’re not saying this information is bad or good, but it worked for the élite families over centuries and they’re still in power til this day. So I say fuck being the victim, its time to rise and become the apex predator, not the prey to survive in this complex new world.

Now back to investing and building your family bloodline into a powerful dynasty. It doesn’t matter if your worth thousands, millions, etc…Building a powerful family dynasty is all about your leadership abilities, and the power of your family unit. You all must be on the same page for it to work. Unity is “Key”.

Life's Purpose

Re-Evaluate Your Life

Re-Evaluate Your Life

The first step into building a family dynasty is to re-evaluate your current situation. Are you married, divorce or a single parent? Are you poor, middle class,upper middle class or rich? Are you in debt? If so, how much? How is your mental, spiritual and physical health? These are very important questions you must ask yourself before building a family dynasty.

If your married with children, you’re already 100 steps ahead of the game. You must sit down with your spouse immediately, and plan for the future. Make sure your plans are realistic though. Rome wasn’t built over night, and it’s not guaranteed that you gonna build wealth within your lifetime. But you can start by setting up a strong foundation for your children to pick up where you left off.

If your divorced, or single with children then you have to get on your grind like never before, by starting new businesses, working jobs, etc. You must do what ever it takes to build wealth for your children. This is the time where you can become a workaholic because you’re not obligated to give attention to a spouse. But your long-term goal is to be available for your future husband or wife to lift the workload off your shoulders. Also, don’t forget your human in need of love, affection and nurturing from a special person. Remember you’re trying to build a family dynasty, not a single one.


Streams Of Income

You Must Create Several Income Streams

The key is to build several nest eggs of passive income and investments. Business profits, royalties, dividends, rental income are all examples of passive income. Building powerful nest eggs of passive income will guarantee that your family will be straight financially.

The real key to building a family empire is within “Business Ownership” though. “Business Ownership” gives you the control needed to steer your ship anywhere you want to go. Never put all your eggs in one basket though, you must have more than one income at all times. I always speak on finance because it’s the true foundation to building an family empire at this time, along with true love, trust and compatibility.

There’s a saying: There’s no romance without “Finance”…Magnate Lifestyle

Yes, you can build an empire as an employee. But it will have its limits, unless you have a professional career with a great yearly salary already, and you’re a master at money management. Plus, it will be best if you have 2 incomes within your house-hold. You must understand as an employee it will take longer to build an empire, but it can be done.

Power AstrologyIn Conclusion

Marriage is about aligning many things, especially finances. At this time it’s the main issue couples mostly fight about, and it feeds the 50 percent divorce rate(Some Say It’s At around 75%). Building and investing into your family bloodline will take lots of work, patients and strategy. It’s not an easy road to take. You have to be a little cunning, calculated, tactful and strategic.

It requires great communication, leadership and social skills to build a family dynasty. But if you plan and move accordingly, you will live forever within your family bloodline and create powerful history. Always remember family is business and business is family. Family is the foundation to all civilizations. No more excuses, it’s never to late to invest in your family bloodline. Invest into your family bloodline today, so you can live forever through them. Respect The Power of your “Family Bloodline”.

I recommend reading these two books to learn about family and business. The first book is “The Millionaire Mind By Stanley Thomas” and the second book is “48 Laws Of Power By Robert Greene”.

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