True Leadership Is A Privilege Not A Right


True Leadership Is A Privilege Not A Right

Leadership is a privilege, not a right, and I must earn it in the arena of “Action”

Destiny will favor me if I’m prepared in mind, body, and spirit. There’s no free lunch; I must work harder than expected and be more patient than others. As a “Warrior”, I will be the last to pick up the sword but will fight to protect myself, my family, my country, and my way of life. I will strive to live in the present, resolve with my past, and create my ideal future. I will find my peace, and happiness through seeking “Truth”, wisdom, and love, and not by chasing thrills, wealth, titles, or fame. I will seek to improve myself, my team, and the world everyday.

The Way Of The Seal” by “Mark Divine”

As a “Leader” you will need to push more and become uncut raw with yourself. “True Will” is the key to get what you want in life, but you must be forceful when completing your goals. Force, Power, and Will are one in the same when it comes to leadership.

True leaders will ruffle feathers on your way to the top. Please understand on the way to the top is a bloody battlefield that you will have to take part in first.

Moving with boldness, and powerful force is a major key to true “Leadership”. Ambition is what I call dark-side motivation because of its use of force to manifest a “Tangible Reality”. Yes you will need to use a bit of tact, planning, and calculated strategy to become a true leader, but never fear what others think about you. Do not suppress your “Shadow Self” and leadership will come soon after.

Your not a “Leader” if you don’t build up other leaders, and feed families

You don’t want to be held accountable for your actions nor do you want to be responsible for others, so you haven’t earn the right to be a leader yet. “Leaders” are team players, motivators, innovators, visionaries, and masters of self-discipline. Your not a leader if everyone around you is starving, and nobody is following you. Do not feed your inflated “Ego” for nothing.

You’ll never become a true “Leader” if you get bored easily, your craving and obsession for excitement all the time will be your downfall, and you will always be ruled by those you consider “Boring People” who are more patient than you.

My rising sign is in “Capricorn”, Sun Sign in “Leo” & my moon sign is in Scorpio. I would never follow you if you are not on a certain level already. Now I can partner up with you, otherwise you will have to follow me. Most people claiming to be leaders don’t have the right answers, inner strength, discipline, connections, power, nor enough money for that position. They didn’t earn their name the hard way. They take to many shortcuts in life, and want things to be easy for them.

I don’t follow people based on good speech, popularity, and charm. The only men I would have followed was my “Grandfather” RIP, or Men in very powerful positions through out the world. Otherwise I rule myself, and I am my own “Leader”.

Becoming a “Leader” isn’t for the weak, or faint of heart, it’s the most difficult position to be in. Don’t take true leadership for granted. Leadership is definitely a “Privilege”.

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Keith J. Leigh

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