Just Real Business & Life Talk For Those Who Listen

Business and Life Talk
Business and Life Talk
Business and Life Talk

Business and Life Talk

Just Real Business & Life Talk For Those Who Listen

In this article I’m going to talk about several different subjects about business, and life. This article isn’t focused on a single subject, instead its just me rambling out-loud about business and life talk. I write spontaneously at times. Therefore, when I woke up after a quick nap, I just started writing out my thoughts. My goal with this article is to help others achieve “Greatness”…Enjoy!

Business & Life Talk Session: In Business you must control bad emotional outburst. You will not get very far with that type of attitude, whether you are a woman or man. If you’re angry at a meeting, in front of a customer, or when closing a big business deal, you must control your emotions (Very Important). Especially, if you are dealing with different cultures in business.

You must learn to separate business from your personal life. “Magnate Lifestyle”

Associate with people who will bring you up either Spiritually, Financially, and/or Mentally. Do not associate with people who will keep you down with no growth potential. As a human being you must always be growing, that’s the rule of life. Stagnation is a disease, and is very destructive to “Progress”…Life Talk.

Hard Work

Raw Discipline, Creativity, and Good Old Fashion Hard Work Is Key

Focus on mastering a skill and finding your niche in life

Even if you don’t go to college and get a professional degree. You still can obtain a professional license, or a certificate in a demanding career field. It’s never to late to get a real estate license, appraiser license, contractor license, broker license, tax license, series 7 license, insurance license.

Also, you can become a computer IT tech(Microsoft Cert), barber, hair stylist, plumber, electrician, etc. Once you obtain one of those license above, you can choose to work as an employee, or you can start your business within that profession and become self-employed. You have many choices on what path that you can take to success. Learn how to become an asset, not a liability within your community and many doors will open for you….Real Talk.

2017 & Beyond is about “Holistic Success”. Holistic Success means: Being successful in Body, Spirit, Mind, Health, Finance, Relationships, Etc. People are either successful with their finances, but their health is bad, or people are very spiritual, but their finances isn’t up to par. Also, people may have money, but their mentality is all messed up(I.E: Selfish, Crazy, Loner, Depressed, etc). These days its time to focus only on “Holistic Success”.

While your out there so-called grinding, just make sure you’re getting enough sleep, eating right, studying advanced knowledge of self, meditating/praying, spending quality time with your family and true friends. “Magnate Lifestyle”

Power AstrologyIn Conclusion

Never let ambition overpower true family and friends. It’s OK to be ambitious and want to get to the TOP, but do not sacrifice your true friends or family to get there. Family and true friendship comes first because it’s very lonely at the TOP. This is for the men and women who are constantly on their grind to obtain power and wealth.

Notice that I said true friendship, and true family because they shouldn’t get in your way of success either. But, if they’re moving a little slower than you, doesn’t mean you should crush them to get to the TOP. Especially if they where the ones supporting you when you wasn’t successful.

This is real life talk for those who are willing to listen. 2017 & Beyond must be a different mindset. Always remember you’re always in control of your own destiny. Now is the time to write your own powerful book of life. Your almost there, never give up on your goals and dreams.

Powerful…Magnate Lifestyle

Keith J. Leigh

Keith J. Leigh is a spiritual advisor, philosopher, business owner, family man, author, and primal leader who contributes to greatness by sharing years of powerful experience and advance knowledge with the world. He's been in the E-Commerce, Entertainment, Technology, Real Estate and Mortgage Industries for over 15 years who specializes in business and family dynasty building. This author would like to remain mostly mysterious as power last longer behind the scenes. Magnate Lifestyle isn't your average website. Magnate: A person of rank, power, influence, or distinction often in a specified area. A “Business Magnate” (formally industrialist) refers to an entrepreneur of great influence, importance, or standing in a particular enterprise or field of business.

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