It’s Never Too Late To Start All Over Again-‘Primal Ambition’

Start All Over Again

Start All Over Again

It’s Never Too Late To Start All Over Again

It’s never too late to start all over again. Don’t be afraid to come up from scratch. You can use “Primal Ambition” to come back up from the depths of “Hell”. If you’re a person who lost everything such as your job, car, business, family, home, etc. Then you have the ability to file bankruptcy on your life, and start completely over. This is your time to make something out of nothing. If you lost your business, it’s never to late to start a new business. Never give up!!!

This isn’t the time to give up, nor is it the time to feel sorry for yourself. This is the time to build up your inner strength, and become a greater version of yourself.

We all go through tough times in life and fall down, but it’s how we get back up that counts. Without struggle and pain, there is no pleasure. You will have to go through “Hell” to make it to “Heaven”. Once you understand this philosophy there is no stopping you, no matter what obstacles get in your way.

I understand that this is hard for you right now, because the main thing is to overcome the harsh criticism from others. If you’re young it’s easier for you to come back up from scratch, but as you get older it becomes much harder. So here are some tips to help you overcome times of struggle, pain, and loss.

“Success” comes from “Failure”

“Success” comes after “Failure”

Example: Lets say you where a top producing salesperson for many years at your job, and you built a material empire for yourself. During that time you had a lot of people praising your ambition and material possessions. Then one day you lost your sales job, when that particular industry crashed. After that crash happened you lost everything and I mean everything.

So now you’re at your parents house, or even worse homeless with no car, bad credit and in debt. Everybody who was around you left and now ridiculing your struggle. What can you do to get back up?

First of all you will have to strip yourself of “Ego & Pride”. If you don’t tame your “Ego & Pride” at this time you will fall into a great depression and will not make back it out. Most likely when you took this major loss, you where once on top. So your “Ego & Pride” can blind you from the raw reality that you’re at the bottom at this time. Also, your “Ego & Pride” can get easily get bruised from other people’s opinion of your present circumstance. Which can get in the way of “Greatness”.

You must develop tough skin to take on the pressures from others judging your downfall.

Second you must learn how to use your past wins and losses to fuel your ambition. You will need to picture yourself in a better place. Imagination will be very important at this time. Excuses will be your enemy, and optimism will be your best friend. Now, its OK to drown in your sorrows and cry in the darkness at the beginning because you need to let it all out. But after relieving yourself from that negative energy, it will be very important to start thinking positive again. If not, you will sink deeper and deeper into a depressed hole.

Your current mind-state will be more important than your physical at this time, as the mind rules the body.

Primal Ambition

Start Over Again

After getting your mind right, you must be ready to move like you never moved before

You will be catching buses, eating cheaper food, not having fun, and walking more than ever, whether rain, sleet or snow. This will be the most difficult time in your life. But through this struggle you will transform yourself into a greater person. Do not try to take shortcuts, or you will fall even harder in the future. Your success will last longer by choosing the longer route, instead of the short one.

The main goal is to never give up, and take daily steps to get back on your feet by any means. Don’t worry about what other people think of you. Remember you are great and this is your time to prove it again. Remember a “Rose” can always grow out of the concrete. Never give up!!!

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