Are You Investing In Your Family Bloodline?

Family Bloodline
Family Bloodline

Invest In Your “Family Bloodline”

Are You Investing In Your Family Bloodline?

Men: If you want to build real wealth, you must invest in your “Family Bloodline” starting today. You can buy land, invest in precious jewels, start or buy international businesses, collecting fine art, purchase copyrights, invest in domain names, etc. Your “Wealth” will be valued and respected all around the world when you invest in your family bloodline.

You must focus on building a firm “Family Dynasty” from this day forth. It’s about building empires for your last name, not your first. You need to understand that family is “Business”.

Knowledge, success, and material possessions means nothing without family and a connection with your bloodline. Having pride for your bloodline/genetics is the secret key to God’s kingdom. Your ancestors are connected with you through your “Bloodline”.

Blood is thicker than water…Respect, teach and love your children.

Make sure you raise your children to respect their “Bloodline” and have pride for their family. Elders must be respected, loved, and cared for at all cost. Teach them about honor, respect, trust & integrity. Geniuses are created based on your family genetics, so respect your family bloodline.


Family Bloodline

You must invest wisely in your wife too

You should only be a “Playboy” when you’re young, and/or for a short time after a major break up. After a few years of playing the field, it’s time to become an “Adult” again and get back to business.

Investing into a valuable wife will be beneficial to you and your family bloodline. It will be best not to choose an air-head trophy woman as your wife, or you will regret it all the way to the grave. Your goal is to attract a long-term mate that will aid you in building a powerful “Family Empire”.

Choosing the wrong spouse can destroy your family’s long-term wealth.

A woman will most likely be your widow and the administrator to your “Wealth” when you pass away. She will need to be compassionate, trustworthy, intelligent, patient, and nurturing with a lot of common sense, who loves children.

Your wife will most likely be the one in charge of passing your inheritance down to your children & other family members. Teach her that there is no such thing as an independent woman. The raw reality is men and women both need each other to strive.

She must understand the bigger picture of the “Family Bloodline” and must not fall for the illusion of “Romanticism”. Always instill in her that this is a marathon, not a rat race.

You and your wife shouldn’t make decisions like the rest of the masses, if you want to build a family empire.

Men creates, women stabilizes. When in her natural state she stabilizes what he creates while adding beauty to his surroundings. She is “Nature”, why do you think we call her “Mother Nature”? Investing in the right wife will give you strong returns(ROI) for generations to come.

Family Bloodline

Divorce Is A Sin To Your Family Bloodline

 Divorce is a major “Threat” to your family bloodline

Divorce is a “Sin” to your family’s wealth. Have you ever wondered why presidents, and other people in power rarely “Divorce”?. Every time you remarry you’re starting over. Divorces are expensive, time-consuming and emotionally draining. It also puts a major strain on the family’s mental health, especially the children. That’s why it’s very important to choose the right spouse to marry.

Statistics already proves that a 2 family home creates more successful intelligent children than single family households. So for the family’s sake please choose divorce as your very last resort.

Investing in your genetic bloodline is “Powerful”. Remember real wealth is built over time and passed through inheritance from your family bloodline. Inheritance is a “Gift” from GOD”. Its called “Old Money” today. Just ask “Donald Trump”. Passing down inheritance and knowledge is the best gift you can give to your children, and grandchildren.

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