Introducing The Powerful ‘Fixed Signs’ Of The Zodiac

Fixed Signs
Fixed Signs Of The Zodiac
Fixed Signs

Fixed Signs Of The Zodiac

In Astrology, the fixed signs are the second, fifth, eighth and eleventh (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius). They are characterized by the keyword “stability” or firm and dependable. Those influenced by this Quality are happy to forge ahead with their projects, calmly working away until they have achieved their goals. Fixed Signs understand that steadiness is the key.

Leo, Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius are what you call the “Fixed” signs of the Zodiac. “Magnate Lifestyle”

These signs don’t like change forced upon them by others. Fixed signs become very stubborn when pushed by other people to make important decisions, or to change a course of action. When working with these signs, you will need to be very patient because they’re very powerful indeed.

They usually don’t go off course once they made a decision, no matter what challenges are in front of them. They might not be the first to start projects, but will definitely be the ones that finishes them. These signs are known to clean up the messes that all the other signs leave behind. When these fixed signs make a move, they like for-sure results. They usually will not take the risk, if they don’t understand the mission.

Fixed Signs

Fixed Signs Of The Zodiac

Fixed Signs Are Known To Build Empires Slowly Overtime

Empires (Large Or Small) are usually took over, and/or built slowly step by step by the fixed signs of the zodiac. These are the signs of schedule, routine, addictions, and habits(Bad or Good). Many leaders of the past, and present has been those under fixed signs. Some examples of those who built long-term Empires are Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro, Master P, and many others.

Fixed signs usually move slower than the other signs in the zodiac, that’s why it’s very important that they don’t get stuck going down the wrong path because it takes a lot for them to change their habits and course of action. But the great news is, these powerful fixed signs are some of the most loyal, determined and reliable people within the Zodiac.

Once a decision is made most likely its written in stone, and it may take a traumatic experience to make them change their minds, belief, or course of action. They’re very determined, stubborn, and fixed once they take a course of action. Thus, when their mind is made up, they will not change course. They’re known to stay in their own lanes. Matter of fact: that quote was most likely created by a person under a fixed sign.

Many fixed signs are known to stay in long-term relationships, and are more prone to divorce due to their stubborn ways. “Magnate Lifestyle”

In Conclusion

No matter what, do not try to change them, or detour their course of action forcefully, or you will feel their wrath. Those who tried to force their will on people with fixed signs usually become very frustrated in the process. If you want them to change a course of action. Then, you must lead by example, be very patient, try not to push them to make important decisions to quickly, and accept them for who they are. When they choose to change they will, if not, it is what it is.

Conversely, those born under a “Fixed” sign can at times be stubborn, my-way-or-the-highway people. They may have a tendency to get stuck in their ways and to believe that they are always right. Those influenced by a Fixed Quality are determined, reliable and persistent. These signs are known to have great strength, strong determination, and strength of purpose, and love to get the job done. If you want a project completely done right, hire a fixed sign.

To All The Fixed Zodiac Signs(Leo/ Scorpio/ Taurus/ Aquarius): Do not let the other “Zodiac Signs” knock you off your path to “Greatness”. You must understand that the “Cardinal Signs”(Capricorn/ Libra/ Aries/ Cancer) are experts at initiation new projects, and are usually the pioneers of the game. The Mutable Signs(Sagittarius/ Virgo/ Gemini/ Pisces) are experts at multi tasking, and adapting to change. Meaning theses signs will seem like they’re moving faster than you when it comes to business, life and success. But the fixed signs are the Marathon runners(Diddy-Scorpio/ Nipsey Hussle-Leo) of the “Zodiac” as we clean up the mess made by the others signs.

When these zodiac signs take on projects they move slow to the finished line at their own pace. Fixed signs must master the lane they choose to reap the most benefits. They hate to be pushed by others. They have to carve out their own lane, move at their own pace, and keep pushing towards the goal without too many distractions.

Many empires where slowly built by fixed signs, but they must discover their life’s purpose before true success shows up. “Keep Pushing!!!

If you want to learn more about these powerful signs. I advise you to read “The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need By Joanna Martine Woolfolk.

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