Introducing The Power Signs ‘Leo & Scorpio’

Power Signs

Scorpio is ranked number 1 with the most world “Leaders”, and the Leo sign is Ranked number 2. Both are “Power” signs. Both are fixed signs who has the staying power to finish projects to the bitter end. Fixed signs are slow to initiate projects, but once their mind is set on a goal, they will relentlessly finish what they started. These signs are the definition of running a “Marathon”. When focused these two signs are a powerful force to be reckon with…

Power Signs

Scorpio “The Scorpion King”

The Scorpio rises to the top because they become very passionate in what they do sometimes obsessed. They never give up. They can be very cunning, and ruthless if you get in the way of their goals. Scorpio understand the darkness in humans which gives them sort of a street edge over other signs when obtaining positions of “Power”. They are natural “Investigators”. They love research and they’re not afraid to get their knees dirty, and be in the dark dirty trenches where others are afraid to go. They do not care what others think of them, but will confront others if they feel hurt or disrespected. They are very emotional, but understands how to cover it up when in positions of power. They don’t like to show weakness in front of others.

It is said they will sting themselves, before they let others kill them. They can be very vengeful when hurt. They are also very determined, strategic, persuasive, patient, private, secretive, stubborn, and calculated which is perfect for positions of “Power”.

When after a goal they play chess, not checkers. This water sign understand the power of “Sex” and can use it as a weapon if need be. They know your weaknesses and can become manipulative if need be. They want to control the fundamentals of “Power”, they do not like others to control them. When focused on a “Goal” or “Belief” they become one with it, and will not let others distract them off their path to “Greatness”.

The planets that represents Scorpio is Pluto and Mars(War). As a “Leader” they will go down with the ship, they will fight in the battlefield with their soldiers. They will sacrifice a lot for family, and friends, but will expect the same in return. They do not waste time nor energy on things that don’t matter to them. They are also good with money when they are focused, especially others people’s money. On the positive side “Scorpios” are very caring and compassionate about Humanity’s future. They are intrigued with the study of “Human Behavior”. They are the survivors of the “Zodiac”. Most Scorpio’s live long lives, while others might die a violent painful death. It really doesn’t matter to them how they die because life and death are 1 in their eyes.

Powerful And Famous Scorpios Are: Bill Gates, Pdiddy, Future, Drake, French Montana, School Boy Q, E-40, Fabulous, Prodigy (Mobb Deep), Hilary Clinton, Katy Perry, Lil Durk, Gabrielle Union(Actress), Ciara, Keri Helson, John Gotti, Charles Mason, Martin Scorsese(Movie Director), Leonard DiCaprio, Joaquin Phoenix, Whoopi Goldberg, Joe Biden(Vice President), John Boehner(House Speaker), Condoleezza Rice, Theodore Roosevelt, Bruce Jenner(Caitlyn), Peter Jackson(Director), Aaron Hernandez, Demi Moore, Matthew McConaughey, Johnny Carson, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, and much more…..

Leo Sun

Leo Sun Sign

“Leo” Power Sign Of The Lion King

The Leo is represented by the “Sun” due to the light they shine on others. The “Leo” sign when focused can rise to “Power” through “Charm” “Connections” “Bravery”, “Intelligence”, and “Great Speech(Obama)”. The “Leo” knows how to connect with people and get people to follow him/her. They are not afraid to jump in the deep waters first. They are disciplined, enthusiastic, creative, headstrong, brave, ambitious, domineering, good with speech, great storytellers, stubborn, and will fight for a cause they believe in. They love an audience and craves attention for their talents. Leo is one of the only signs where the “Leo Woman” is just as powerful than the male.

If they have a water or earth sign as their moon and/or rising sign they can become very “Calculating”, “Ruthless” and “Cunning” if you get in their way. The “Leo” also has a gift of bringing people together and forming teams (With them as the leader of course). They are excellent organizers, motivators, creators, executors and planners. They are smart, powerful, and can think very big. In times of emergency, great stress and danger they do not back down and will show their best talents during these times. Sometimes in power positions they can become somewhat of a dictator(Fidel Castro) due to their stubborn ideas and beliefs. They love being the “Leader” and are sore losers. They love “Winning”. They have 1 track minds at times and will forget to nurture those around them.

The Leo will ruffle feathers on their way to the top due to their domineering personality. They do not like taking orders from others. They are hard headed and doesn’t like to take advice from others, unless asked. Sometimes they will take shortcuts if necessary to get in the seat of Power, and their raw speech gets them in the “Hot Seat” at times. They become “hot headed” when hurt, ignored, or disrespected.

In positions power it’s their way or the highway, but will share the love with their Kingdom. They love rooting for the underdog. They love children and will make sure they are respectful, successful, and much more. They also have a gift to get others to fight for them. They’re very generous to the people they love, but can be a cold blooded Lion to their enemies…The “Leo” is the sign of the “Hero”.

Famous And Powerful Leo’s Are: Barack Obama, Fat Joe, Young Thug, Chief Keef, Young Dolph, Tom Brady, Magic Johnson, Whitney Houston, Wesley Snipes, Jennifer Lawrence(Hunger Games), Alfred Hitchcock, Vivica Fox, Meagen Good, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Afleck, Mark Cuban(Billionaire), Adelson Sheldon(Billionaire), Fidel Castro, Napoleon Bonaparte, Berry bonds, Soulja Boy, Madonna, Alex Haley(Roots), Deion Sanders, Kevin Spacey, Robert Deniro, Henry Ford, Terry Crews, Jason Statham, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Halle Berry, Robert Redford, Sean Penn, M. Night Shymamalan(Director), Chris Hemsworth(Thor), Bill Clinton, Marcus Garvey, and much much more…

In Conclusion:

Primal Titans represents “Power Astrology”. These two “Power Signs” play a very important role in this physical world. On your way to the top, you are guaranteed to run into Leo’s & Scorpio’s.

More Signs Coming Soon…Primal Titans

Keith J. Leigh

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