Introducing The ‘Power Couples Signs’ Of The Zodiac

Power Couples Signs
Powerful Couples In Astrology
Power Couples Signs

Powerful Couples In Astrology

Here Are The ‘Power Couples Signs’ Of The Zodiac

In this powerful article, I will be discussing the “Power Couples Signs” of Astrology. When these powerful sun signs come together as a couple, they create a powerful force to be reckon with. This isn’t your typical astrological compatibility article about every single sun sign within the Zodiac.

We are only choosing some of the most powerful couples of the “Zodiac” to write about. If you want to learn more about “Power Astrology” be sure to come back and visit this website daily or you can go to our online store and order some powerful astrology books to read. When this secret science is well understood and used correctly, it can make life more purposeful and exciting.

Now, Here are some of the most powerful zodiac couples in the game:

Power Couples

Power Couples

Leo & Scorpio – (Power & Force)

When Leo and Scorpio comes together as a power couple, they can either become a loving powerful force, or they can be stuck in a never-ending power struggle. Leo represents the “Fixed Fire Element” and Scorpio Represents the “Fixed Water Element”. Therefore, fire and water can create “Steam”, or it can cancel each other completely out.

When in love Scorpio can be possessive of Leo, Vice Versa. But Scorpio may be more prone to secret jealousy when he/she decides to fall in love with a Leo. Leo’s and Scorpio are known to love hard and fight hard. Thus, powerful sexual experiences, intense love, and loyalty is the glue that keeps these two together. Their greatest fear is of each other.

Leo’s are known to shine like the sun constantly commanding attention. While at the same time secretly craving to become a powerful “Super Hero” or a “King/Queen” of an “Powerful Empire“. On the other hand Scorpio works best within darkness, emotional extremes, and war type environments. All while moving around secretly, calculated and strategically. Thus, Scorpio would rather be a “Prime Minister” or a powerful leader from behind the scenes than being a visible King/Queen. It all depends if Scorpio has fire and air sign within their natal chart.

When these two power signs come together, they can use their natural powers to rise in any industry.

Whether it’s in the business, political, financial, or scientific arena they will rise. Also, this power couple works better as a well oiled machine, when Scorpio is behind the scenes handling the more difficult business decision and pushing “Leo” to greatness, while Leo is the visible “Public Leader” working with the people.

In conclusion, this can one of the best power couples in the world, as long as they stay within their naturally gifted lanes. It will be best that Leo has lots of water and earth elements within their natal charts for this match to work smoothly. While Scorpio should have lots of fire and air elements within his/her natal chart.

Great “Power Couple” Example: Bill Clinton (Leo) & Hilary Clinton (Scorpio), and Bill Gates (Scorpio), Melinda Gates (Leo)

Astology Partnerships

Business Astrology Partnerships

Capricorn & Scorpio – (Powerful Business Titans)

When Capricorn and Scorpio comes together they form a powerful earthly bond. They’re a couple that finds worldly power sexy, and thrive when they support each others steps to mastery. Lusty power sex, business partnerships, loyalty and a deep love connection keeps these two together for eternity.

At first these two seems like a dark match and will not open up to each other until they both feel totally comfortable. But once this couple becomes comfortable with each other, nothing and nobody can stop this duo from reaching great heights. Thus, ambition, wealth, and power is this couple’s natural path.

Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth Sign and Scorpio is a Fixed Water Sign. They’re both ambitious, hardworking, stubborn, and jealous. They both value family and position of prestige. Scorpio brings powerful force and passion to get things done, and Capricorn brings calculating profitable goals to achieve.

Scorpio, also like power and the leverage it offers him/her. Capricorn is more concerned with what money can buy and tangible pursuits. When you combine your talents, you can create a powerful partnership that will bring tremendous material wealth and power.

Problems can arise, if these two start trying to boss each other around. Scorpio and Capricorn are leadership signs, so tying to tell them what to do is a waste of time. But when these two individuals work hand in hand, success wouldn’t be far from their grasps.

Great “Power Couple” Example: Gabrielle Union (Scorpio) and Dwayne Wade (Capricorn)

Sun and Moon Signs

Aries Sun

Leo & Aries – (Fierce Fiery Force)

When these two come together they form a powerful force. Love, great sex, ambition, friendly competition, and fun times will keep these two together. But, when the hero and the royal clashes, it’s a power struggle on a large-scale. These two have huge egos and while Aries loves to win, Leo loves to control the dynamics.

Aries is a Cardinal Fire Sign, and Leo is a Fixed Fire Sign. Therefore, Aries and Leos are both aggressive, egotistical, passionate and overall Stubborn. You’re both ambitious and powerful. Aries has the ‘get up and go’ personality to start new projects (which Leo may lack the motivation to do) and Leo has the staying power to follow the through (where Aries loses patience and want to move on) – you’ll both continuously inspire each other and cover the others weaknesses.

Aries is the passionate enthusiastic pioneer that starts new projects, and Leo is the planner, organizer and finisher of those projects. “Magnate Lifestyle”

Sharing the warmth of their nature, instead of battling for leadership would help them to have happy healthy powerful relationship. This relationship is exciting, spontaneous, challenging at times, and intense, which keep these two coming back for more.

Great “Power Couple” Example: Ben Affleck (Leo) and Jennifer Gardner (Aries)

Power Couples

Powerful Family Dynasty

Leo & Capricorn – (Mutual Respected Empires)

When these two come together they form mutual empires. If they decide to join both empires into one, then they can build a powerful monopoly on the game. The pursuit of power, wealth, and success most likely brung these two together. Loyalty, sex and building a family dynasty is the glue that keeps this relationship together.

Leo is a Fire Fixed Signed, and Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth Sign. Both are stubborn, ambitious, competitive, and leaders, but in different ways. Capricorn starts new projects, but usually finishes them with great calculated patients, While Leo specializes in finishing projects, they’re usually slow to start new projects. Leo is flamboyant, lively and dramatic. While Capricorn is classy, refined, and reserved.

Leo likes to be the visible “Leader”, while Capricorn is more of a reserve “Leader”. Both likes an audience of admires and subordinates. “Magnate Lifestyle”

With a strong work ethic between them, this can be a high achieving relationship, and they do admire one another’s natural gifts and talents. As long as these two don’t secretly compete with each other, and Leo slows down on their shopping lifestyle, they can be a powerful force to be reckon with.

Great “Power Couple” Example: Barack Obama (Leo) and Michelle Obama (Capricorn)

Fixed Signs

Fixed Power Signs Of The Zodiac

Cancer & Scorpio – (Emotional Staying Power)

When these two come together they form an emotional bond like no other. Scorpio is the firm foundation that Cancer can build their financial empire upon. While Cancer will be Scorpio’s biggest admirer. Both are passionate, emotional, ambitious and intuitively astute to the world around them.

They’re both protective of each other financially, spiritually, and physically when in love. Their sexual encounters are an “event,” that melds their body, mind and soul as one. Love, Intense Sex, and a deep emotional bond is the glue that keeps these two together. They both love family, money, and stability.

Together they make loving parents, and will help each other nurture creative ideas into reality. “Magnate Lifestyle”

Cancer is Cardinal Water Sign, and Scorpio is Fixed Water Sign. The nature of fixed energy is to stand firm and resist change unless it’s really necessary. Fixed signs are set in their ways, while cardinal signs are a touch more fluid, though stubborn in their own right!

The cardinal sign may introduce too many new ideas into the mix, or worse, try to “improve” on the fixed sign’s ideas by giving unsolicited criticism. But when Cancer and Scorpio start to trust in each others motives, they can make a formidable team. Cancer is very good with money and very creative when coming up with new business ideas. While Scorpio is the passionate force behind making those ideas into profitable realities.

Great “Power Couple” Example: George W. Bush (Cancer) and Laura Bush (Scorpio)

Power Astrology Is The Future

Here at Magnate Lifestyle, we write articles is about “Power Astrology” and how it works. Living the Magnate Lifestyle is about mastering self while attracting a reality of power, success and wealth. Therefore, We believe in using advance astrology and other spiritual sciences as a road map to success. While maintaining a sane mind, building inner strength, and a peaceful well-being. The main goal is to create “Paradise On Earth”.

Magnate Lifestyle isn’t just about being successful, powerful and wealthy, it’s about the powerful journey to get there. As success, power and wealth is an ongoing process, not a destination.

There are more power couples signs within astrology, but they will be revealed in future articles.

Powerful…Magnate Lifestyle

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