Introducing ‘Ghazi Shami’ Quiet Music Executive Of Empire Distribution

Empire Distribution
'Ghazi Shami' Music Industry Executive/Pic Courtesy Of Empire
Empire Distribution

‘Ghazi Shami’ Music Industry Executive/Pic Courtesy Of Empire

Introducing ‘Ghazi Shami’ The Music Czar Of Empire Distribution (Interview Above)

Ghazi Shami is an Music Business Magnate, Investor, Music Producer/Engineer, and Digital Mastermind of Empire Distribution. Empire Distribution is an American music distribution company and digital record label based in San Francisco, California (Bay Area). The company also has offices in New York City and Atlanta. He started his career in “Silicon Valley” working for streaming tech companies.

Ghazi Shami founded the powerful music label and digital distribution company in 2010, and has released many  albums in the genres of hip hop, R&B, reggae, rock, gospel, Latin, pop and much more. The typical deal structure with Empire Distribution is an 80/20 split, in favor of the artist. His main goal when starting this digital music company was to support “Bay Area” Artist. He first love is music, so he created a powerful company to nurture that love. He saw a void in the music market place and took advantage of the opportunity.

Ghazi Shami is a music technology graduate of San Francisco State University and the former Director of Urban Music at INgrooves. In operating the company. In addition, Shami was joined by Nima Etminan, an MBA graduate in Media Management from Hamburg Media School. Etminan, who is the co-founder of the hip hop platform DubCNN, worked to expand Empires’s mission and services. As of 2011 he was handling Marketing and A&R for Empire. Etminan now serves as Vice President of Operations and A&R for the digital label.

The Quiet LEO Executive said in an interview that rap music changed his life when he was 13 years old, so he built his company to help urban artist become successful at their passions.

Empire Built A Powerful Digital Platform For Building Successful Artist From The Ground Up

One of the label’s first charting releases was Authenticity by hip hop duo The Foreign Exchange, released on October 12, 2010. In 2013, EMPIRE established its recording division, with Fairfield, CA native Sage The Gemini being the first signee. Sage’s two debut singles “Gas Pedal” and “Red Nose” became nationwide hits, earning him and the label a platinum plaque for “Gas Pedal” and a gold plaque for “Red Nose”.

In 2015 and 2016 EMPIRE saw tremendous success at radio with Rich Homie Quan’s “Flex (Ooh Ooh Ooh)” charting at #1 on Urban Mainstream Radio. Also DJ Luke Nasty’s single “Might Be” charting at #5 on Urban Mainstream Radio, and Fat Joe & Remy Ma’s “All the Way Up” charting at #5 on both Rhythmic and Urban radio charts. Along with Colonel Loud’s “California” charting at #8 on Urban Mainstream radio.

In 2015, the music label engaged in a legal battle with Twentieth Century Fox. This was due to the confusion between EMPIRE Distribution-branded products and services, and Fox’s music industry-based TV show, “Empire”.

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Official Website For Empire Distribution: EMPIRE – Distribution | Recordings | Publishing

Bonus Video: Ghazi Shami Keynote Interview

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