Introducing Earl Stevens ‘E-40’ The Independent Business Magnate

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E-40 The Independent Business Magnate
Earl Stevens

E-40 The Independent Business Magnate

Introducing Earl Stevens ‘E-40’ The Independent Business Magnate

Born under the sign of “Scorpio”, Earl Stevens (E-40) was born on November 15th, 1967. Steven’s is an Independent Business Magnate, Power Entrepreneur, Rapper, Game Changer, and Innovator. He is from Vallejo, California. He is the CEO & Founder of the “Independent Label” Sick Wid It Records and is the founding member of the rap group “The Click” along with his cousin B-Legit, his brother D-Shot, and his sister Suga T. Also in 1986 with the assistance of “The Click”, he released his debut album EP “Let’s Side”. Therefore, he started his rap career selling music out the trunk of his cars and in independent record stores around the “Bay Area”.

Til this day Earl Stevens (E-40) has released 27 studio albums. Today his record label is totally independent with numerous artist under its umbrella. 

Earl Stevens Built A Vast Business Empire Outside Of Music

Earl Stevens has invested in many other business ventures outside of music. Even though music is his main bread and butter, these other business ventures that he invested in reaped great profit. It’s rumored that he invested in Microsoft and other stock options.

He also invested into a lounge, Wing Stop and Fat Burger Franchises. Along with being a creative spokesperson for Landy Cognac, he released a powerful book titled “E-40’s Book Of Slang which was published and distributed by “Warner Books”.

In Late 2007, He announced a new line of energy drinks called “40 Water” and invested heavily into the beverage industry. Those beverage business investments are in the Wine and Malt Liquor industries. Stevens released 3 wines including a red blend called “Function”, and A moscato beverage called “Mangoscato”. Thus, those wines are under his brand called “Earl Stevens”. Also, he released a pre-mixed alcoholic cocktail beverage called “Sluricane Hurricane” in late 2014, and a line of beer called “E-40 in 2015. He said that particular beverage “Sluricane Hurricane” was named after the 1995 hit song “Hurricane” from his group “The Click”.

He stated in a recent interview that he is releasing Tequila, Whiskey and Vodka under his “Brand”.

Keep your eye constantly on “E-40” as he will be a force to be reckon with

His vast business empire will continue to grow. In conclusion, he is what you call a “Hustla’s Hustler”. Earl Stevens is forever on his “Grind” and its looking like he’s not stopping anytime soon. Based on he is worth around 10 Million USD and growing.

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Original Bio Source: E-40 The Business Master

Official Website: Sick Wid It Records

Wine Company’s Website: Earl Stevens Selections

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