Introducing ‘Al Haymon’ Boxing’s Shadow Mastermind

Al Haymond

‘Al Haymon’ Boxing’s Shadow Mastermind Manager

Alan “Al” Haymon was born April 21, 1955 (Aries/Taurus Cusp) is an powerful American boxing adviser/manager.  He is the secret adviser to Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and has twice won the Boxing Writers of America Manager of the Year Award.

Al Haymon was raised in Clevland Ohio, and he graduated with an Masters In Business “MBA’ from the prestigious Harvard University.  His bachelors degree is in “Economics”.  He started his career in music promotion, where he promoted such acts as M. C. Hammer, New Edition, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige, and many others.


Also, he branched out to other entertainment areas, such as when he worked with Eddie Murphy in 1999, he sold 50% of A. H. Enterprises to SFX Entertainment. Him and his partners created the Budweiser Superfest, a powerful concert series that ran from 1979 to 1999 and was revived in 2010.  He created over 14 businesses and cornered the market.

Al Haymon

Boxing Ventures

Around 2000, Al Haymon ventured into boxing when he managed Vernon Forrest.  Over the next decade, Haymon gained considerable influence in boxing, mainly due to his connection to Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Haymon founded Premier Boxing Champions, which held its first event in 2015.  Premier Boxing Champions is the most influential and highest rating boxing television platform to date.

Floyd Mayweather once said: “If I would of had “Haymond” in the beggining, I would be a “Billionaire” by now.

Al Haymond

The Shadow Lifestyle

The powerful secret advisor/manager’s actual dealings, and negotiation methods are in large part a mystery, as he works, by design, solely behind-the-scenes within the shadows.  He declines media interview requests, the limelight, and refuses to hold face-to-face meetings.  He is a powerful “Quiet Leader” from behind the scenes of boxing.  Haymon is labeled one of the most powerful men in “Sports” at this time.

Haymon manages more than 100 fighters in boxing, including current or former world champions Floyd Mayweather, Amir Khan, Adonis Stevenson, Adrien Broner and Paulie Malignaggi.  It’s rumored that he had a part into the sale of Dana White’s UFC and he has a percentage in the company.  Keep your eye on Al Haymon as he masterminds his way to the top of the sports world.

“Al Haymond “The Shadow Boxing Executive”

Bio Source: Al Haymond’s WikiPedia Page

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