Is Your Inner Circle Bonded By True Brotherhood?

Is Your Inner Circle Bonded By True Brotherhood?

These days I don’t want friends anymore, I want my “Inner Circle” to be bonded by true “Brotherhood”. That’s why my true “Inner Circle” will be small from now on.

We do not need to interact with each other everyday, but we must let it be know that we are close by. Those that are in my brotherhood will ride or die with me, and I would do the same in return.

We will make sure each other families are fed by any means necessary, and work as a team in true “Unity”.

True Brotherhood

Now true”Unity” will only exist when each person brings something to the table that isn’t on the plate already. The brotherhood will understand nothing in life is for “Free”. We will not look for any hand outs from each other. As a brotherhood we will understand men grow stronger & lasting bonds when productivity is present. My “Inner Circle” will not do too much small talking unless we are celebrating a victory, and no worthless gossiping about others.

I want my secret enemies revealed also

No Fake , Only True Brotherhood

Friends can easily be turned into enemies. Your so-called friends will continue to let you down because they know they don’t have to be reliable, accountable, or loyal. So-called friends can be here today, and gone tomorrow. The worst person in the world is a “Secret Hater”. If you don’t love me let it be known.
I don’t want people around me to smile in my face, but will stab me in my back when I turn around. I don’t use the word “Like” anymore. Like is a word between love, and hate. I only fuck with people who “Love” me….Period. It’s either you have true love for me, or not.
The brotherhood will not compete in “Secret” nor will we watch each other starve to death.
We will never kick each other when one is down, instead we will create ways to bring our brother back up.
In closing friends will no longer be in my close circle in 2017 & beyond…I’m only dealing with “Brotherhood” and “Blood Related Family” who is really down with me.
My close circle will be those in my family bloodline, and those bonded by true brotherhood. If I call you my brother whether blood related, or not that means you are in the circle of “GODS”. Loyalty, trust, reliability, and accountability will be the foundation to our unit.
The people in my “Inner Circle” will follow the “Invisible Rules” at all times. Great Men” always followed the “Invisible Rules”. You can’t be “Fruitful” without building true long-lasting relationships with others. You can’t do it by yourself. I will call my brotherhood “The Young Titans”.
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Keith J. Leigh

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