How To Work With Your ‘Shadow Self’ To Achieve Success

Shadow Self
Face Your Dark-Side
Shadow Self

Face Your Dark-Side

How To Work With Your ‘Shadow Self’ To Achieve Greatness

Most people in this world don’t face and work with their “Shadow Self” to achieve greatness, success and solve problems. They put on this fake persona to the public like they’re so nice, considerate, caring, sharing, and thoughtful. Creating an illusion that they barley get angry, jealous, envious, cunning, etc. So, these dark-side traits are kept secret behind close doors deep within to fester in a cesspool of grudges, confusion, and hate. What they fail to understand is those thoughts and feelings are real too and should be acknowledged.

Carl Jung stated the shadow self to be the unknown dark side of the personality. According to Jung, the shadow, in being instinctive and irrational, is prone to psychological projection, in which a perceived personal inferiority is recognized as a perceived moral deficiency in someone else.

Jung writes that if these projections remain hidden, these projections insulate and harm individuals by acting as a constantly thickening veil of illusion between the ego and the real world.

Once you embrace your whole true self, then you can use this shadow self to fuels greatness “Keith J. Leigh”

Darkness Controls Light

Everything in this physical reality was born from darkness. Power(Dark Energy) is the unseen controller of this reality. If ya really knew the raw uncut laws of nature, and how the universe operates. You what of been took your “Power” back by any means necessary. But the ruling class told you to act so-called good at all times, and follow the rules while others build massive wealth right up under your noses. It will be best to take the blindfold off your eyes and play by your own rules.

The raw truth is: the universal creator doesn’t care about so called good, and bad morals. It only respects law, force, energy, truth, love and power. The key is not to get pushed off the chess board by any means…Calculated moves at all times, while understanding the law of cause, and effect…It’s deep.

If people are intimidated by the presence of the “Real Authentic You”, don’t tone it down for them. “Embrace” your “Shadow Self” and they will either “Love You” or “Hate You”. But at least you will know the truth about who’s around you. When you cut the grass within self, you will always see the “Snakes”. Everyone has that snake who dwells within their subconscious mind, but if you never deal with that snake, it will secretly control your reality from behind the throne.

Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people. “Carl Jung”
Overcome Depression

Overcome Depression By Facing Your Shadow Self

Learn To Face Your Shadow Self To Solve Problems

Shadow Self Example: You’re struggling to pay your monthly bills, but other people around you are living in luxury, stunting on you without helping you eat, or at least motivating you to get to their level, or above. So, you fake like your happy for their success expressing fake flattery, support, pats on the back and compliments. 

When in reality you may be secretly envious, angry, and hurt at them for being so cruel in your eyes. But, since you don’t want to be called a “Hater” you suppress those real feelings & thoughts which can turn into evil destructive grudges, deeds, and behaviors down the road.

Always remember you’ll end up real disappointed if you think people will do for you as you do for them. Not everyone has the same heart as you…Magnate Lifestyle

The constructive way to deal with this situation is to first confront them for stunting on you, while trying to communicate with them on how you all can work with each other to feed families.  If that doesn’t work, the last resort is to use absence to increase value until you can get on their level, or above. But, to stay around them while they watch you starve, and not supporting your rise is what I call: “Mental Suicide”. This suppression of your true self will show up in evil ways long term, if you don’t learn to face your dark-side of self. The power is locked deep within you.

Watch the ones who act like they’re so nice, fair, caring, sharing, team players, but inside has the heart of evil tactics, selfishness, ulterior motives, jealousy, hate, etc. I would rather see your evil heart than a fake good one. Learn to work within your shadow self and be you to the fullest of your core being.  “Magnate Lifestyle”

Never Suppress Your True Self

Suppressing your true thoughts, feelings and emotions isn’t being true to yourself. You must learn to work with your shadow self in constructive ways to solve complex problems. It would be best to embrace your shadow side at all times to free yourself from a potential mental prison of depression/suppression.

Shadow Self

Face Your Shadow Self

In Conclusion

The key is to move with balance, and deeply understand you are making moves for greater good of your family bloodline, humanity, and culture. The end justifies the means when on your quest to “Greatness”.

If you learn to use your past trauma, pain, failures, losses, hate, and anger to fuel your passion for “Greatness” then  your ambition will be “100” times stronger than everyone else’s. “Dark Motivation Law”. 

Working with your shadow self is a life long process, but once you learn how to work with your shadow in constructive ways. You can live in real time, while living your raw truth and  be your authentic self at all times. Which will free you from the prison of grudges, guilt, hate, depression/suppression and much more. Therefore, you will learn how to deal with yourself, and other people from a strong foundation of justice, truth, love, realness, and equality.

You have to go within and face your “Shadow Self to become the true authentic “Real You”. Magnate Lifestyle

A very powerful book to read on how to work with your “Shadow Self” is “The Laws Of Human Nature By Robert Greene”.  This book along with similar powerful books will change your life.

Powerful…Magnate Lifestyle

Keith J. Leigh

Keith J. Leigh is a spiritual advisor, philosopher, business owner, family man, author, and primal leader who contributes to greatness by sharing years of powerful experience and advance knowledge with the world. He's been in the E-Commerce, Entertainment, Technology, Real Estate and Mortgage Industries for over 15 years who specializes in business and family dynasty building. This author would like to remain mostly mysterious as power last longer behind the scenes. Magnate Lifestyle isn't your average website. Magnate: A person of rank, power, influence, or distinction often in a specified area. A “Business Magnate” (formally industrialist) refers to an entrepreneur of great influence, importance, or standing in a particular enterprise or field of business.

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