How To Use Raw Primal ‘Animal Passion’ To Fuel Your Ambitious Pursuits

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Animal Passion

Raw Animal Passions Is The Key To Success

How To Use Raw Primal Animal Passion To Fuel Your “Ambitious Pursuits”.

Now picture a hungry “Lion” in the plains of “Africa” who hasn’t eaten a meal in days. That Lion isn’t going to just sit there, pout and starve to death. The Lion will most likely use their “Primal instincts” to search and hunt for prey.

Lions will not stop hunting for prey until their hunger pains are satisfied. Therefore, the Lions primal “Will” to survive ensures the future of the species.

The Lion requires a mentality of “kill or be killed.” to survive. That primal mentality was set in place to make sure the species continues. Every living thing on this earth has evolved an instinct to survive.

We as humans still have these primal instincts within us, but they are suppressed in today’s era because most of us live comfortable lives. These “Primal Instincts” aren’t as strong as they used to be because we have easy access to shelter, food and water every day.

Humans still have most of the instincts of our evolutionary ancestors, but we have evolved other instincts which moderate these older reactions, making it more likely that we will react in our primal ways only when in dire situations.

These same primal animal passions can be used in modern times to pursue ambitious goals.

Those very same primal survival concepts apply to many things in life today. Take the business world for instance. Businesses that are not flexible, while not evolving and growing eventually get left to dissipate.

During your ambitious pursuits you will need to learn how to use raw “Animal Passion” with intelligent calculated strategy to carry out your goals. It’s called using your “Primal Instincts” to go after what you want in life.

Power Player

Power Players & Primal Animal Passion

Raw Primal “Passion”, Persistence, & “Discipline” is the real key to success

If you are not passionate from within about your goals, you will not pursue them with them with the intensity needed to finish what you started. You must learn to use your inner strength, animal passion, and imagination to accomplish your goals.

Power psychology and your inner “Will” are the real keys to “Success”, this motivation only comes from within self. No matter how much motivational speeches, CD’s, DVDs you listen to, if your passion doesn’t come from within, you will always remain “Stagnate”.

Once you are self motivated from within, nothing can stop you from “Greatness”

Raw “Animal Passion” can be used to fuel energy for your work outs, building successful businesses, rising in position at your job, etc. You can also use your “Animal Passion” to win small wars most likely created by your enemies.

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Note: If you decide to go to “War”. It will be best to always stay on the “Defensive” side of “War”, that way you will have justification for striking back very viciously with no remorse. Also you will have “GOD” on your side too. If your back is against the wall in life, you can use your primal “Animal Passion” to fight like hell.
Get Rich Or Die Trying

Get Rich Or Die Trying

Most People Want Success To Come The Easy Way

It’s to many people taking shortcuts without paying dues in pain, hurt, tears, sweat, and blood. Learning how to use your raw animal passion to meet your goals will greatly benefit you during tough and challenging times.

If you watched the movie “There Will Be Blood” the character “Daniel Plainview” played by the great “Daniel Day-Lewis” used raw animal passion, discipline, and persistence, while suffering along the way to build his “Empire”.

When building an empire great sacrifices must be made before you succeed. You will not succeed without discipline, persistence, passion, pain, and suffering. Suffering is frowned upon in today’s culture. When people see you suffering they will most likely think of you as a failure, when in reality you may be focusing on a powerful goal. Therefore, Most people are only focused on the end result of success, not the ugly path to get there.

Always remember on your way to being “Wealthy” and “Successful” you will not live a normal life. When normal people start considering you to be “Insane” means your on the right path.

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