How To Use Night Clubs To Brand Your Business

Night Clubs

Brand & Market Your Business

This article will show you how to use the night clubs to market and brand your business. In order for this program to help your business, you must be a person who frequently goes out to night clubs in the first place.

Your main goal should be analyzing what type of business products or services to promote, and is it compatible with the “Night Club Scene”. You do not want to market in the club scene, if your business sells pencils, construction lumber, computers, etc. You want to make sure your business is compatible with the night club scene before wasting precious time and money.

Businesses that are compatible with the night club scene are liquor/wine/champagne companies, entertainment/music labels, boxing/music/film/sport management companies, graphic design companies, clothing companies, entertainment websites/blogs, cigar lounges, limousine services, and much more…


Night Clubs

Learn To Use Night Clubs To Promote & Brand Your Business

The Club Scene Is Growing At A Rapid Pace

At this time the “Night Club” industry is big business. Club Owners are easily becoming multi millionaires over night. So why not partner with them to build your business too. Most people go to night clubs, sports bars, and day parties to dance, socialize, to meet potential significant others, and to spend tons of money that they do not have on overpriced liquor. Then they’re a few who knows how to take advantage of the nightclub scene and brand their businesses for tangible results.

Statistics show that the nightclub scene is growing rapidly every year with the rise of hip hop, EDM music, and other popular music genres.

Fact: This current “American Culture” is very stressful to maneuver through, so most people are using outings such as night clubs, day parties, etc. to relieve stress, socialize, and to escape from “Reality”.

After you figure out if your business is compatible with the night club scene, then you must learn how to market/brand your product and services to the people within the club scene.

Be Patient When Branding Your Business

This will take at least 3-6 months or more of constant club going to start benefiting your brand.  Your goal is to get the people use to seeing your brand on business cards, t-shirts, cups, posters, sweaters, jewelry, hats, etc…

You must make sure your website, and social media pages are created & branded on your marketing material first.  You must get to know all the club promoters, club owners, bartenders in the city first before this can truly work.

It’s best to have an entourage of 3-6 people or more with you at all times when you enter the clubs(Women are very valuable in club scenes).  Other people love to see movements, and some will want to be apart of your movement also. It will be very important to Stay Fly, Trendy & Flashy to attract potential members to your movement and/or potential customers.

Night Club

Use The Law Of Attraction To Bring Attention To Your Movement

It will be very important to look like money, even if you are dealing with a light marketing budget. You definitely want to order bottle service, and have your entourage constantly walking around the club making sure people see your brand. Make sure your brand is at its highest quality before marketing it to the club scene.

In the beginning it will be a bit expensive branding your business at the nightclub, but if you play your cards right it can be very valuable to your “Brand” in the long run. That’s why knowing the club promoters, club owners, waitresses, security guards, and bartenders will be very important to your brand. They can help you maneuver around and meet the right people who will be very beneficial to your business.

Learn To Negotiate With Club Promoters

It would be best to learn how to negotiate with club promoters, bartenders, and club owners on your bottle service fees. If you really get in good with them they might comp your bottle service all together at times.

While the price of a bottle service depends on the night club, the time of year, and the day of the week, prices in night clubs typically run between $350 – $575 per bottle plus tax, waitress gratuity, table tips, and other fees that can reinvent themselves.

Most clubs require a two-bottle minimum that carries a one-bottle-per-three-person rule. This rule can often be avoided through well established connections. Higher-end clubs typically expect a tip for the table location and for making sure that you didn’t lose your reservation. Every Night Club has the potential of getting your brand in front of a lucrative audience.

In Conclusion

It’s best to go to nightclubs for business branding purposes then to blow money you don’t have, and to waste valuable time sinking deeper in debt, and poverty.  You must learn how to brand yourself, and your business while having fun at the same time. Once you learn this powerful marketing and branding science, your business will be in the presence of many potential customers.

The main goal is to get people to see your brand constantly while at the same time directing them to your website, and/or brick and mortar business to buy your products or services. The nightclub scene can be very valuable to your bank account, or very draining to your bank account, its your choice.

As a Business Owner almost every move within the public eye must be about branding and marketing your business. You are in control of your destiny and income as an “Entrepreneur”. But first you must learn how to operate, brand and market your business to the masses before you can coin yourself a true business person.

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