How To Stunt On Your Enemies With Success

Stunt On Your Enemies

Stunt On Your Enemies

How To Stunt On Your Enemies With Success

Success is always the best revenge and revenge is best served cold. These days you don’t have to physically do anything to your enemies. You just need to focus on mastering your goals with extreme perseverance, hard work and dedication. Most likely your enemies started out as a friend, lover, or associate. So since they were once close to you, your success equals their pain.

The goal of an enemy is to see your demise of some sort. They will either want you to hurt financially, physically, spiritually, and/or mentally. Your enemies can even wish “Death” on you in extreme situations.

There are some real evil people in this current world and as long as you are suffering they gain energy. So your job is to use that negative energy in constructive ways such as “Ambitious Pursuits“.

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There Are 3 Different Types Of Enemies

There are 3 different types of enemies you will most likely encounter in your lifetime. First you have the passive aggressive enemy who sticks you on the side slowly from different angles. Then you have the flamboyant aggressive loud enemy who says every-time he/she sees you it’s on. Then last but least you have the secret enemy. This particular enemy is hard to detect. This enemy is the worst one out the three because they’re usually disguised as a friend, lover, business associate, or even a family member.

There are times where you will have to declare direct war on your enemies, but it will be best to beat them at a different game. Remember you are playing chess, not checkers.

Ambition and successful accomplishments will kill your enemies slowly and last longer. Plus, its more safer to move this way. You don’t want to physically hurt your enemy these days because you can end up in prison, or worse.  As long as you’re successful, then you’re winning and they lose.

The best example of a person using success as revenge is the late great “Tupac Shakur”. He used that negative energy he had towards “Bad Boy Entertainment”(Biggie/Diddy), and fueled “Greatness”. When he got released from prison, he stayed in the studio working hard everyday making classic music. He knew success was the best revenge, so he went on to sell over 5 million copies of his album “All Eyes On Me”.

In Conclusion

You too can move like “Tupac” by using pain, hurt and failure to fuel greatness. Matter of fact a good enemy will keep you on your toes. It’s said that if you don’t have enemies you’re not successful. You can be unsuccessful, and have friends or you can be successful and have enemies. Its your choice.

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