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Powerful Blog
Start A Powerful Blog

Before starting a blog you must figure out your target audience, and then create content that caters to that audience. The more unique, innovative and creative your content is, the easier it will be to build a following. Blogging is a powerful tool to get your content out there and potentially make money while doing it.

We recommend that you should start a blog to share your special gifts to the world, not just to make money. “Magnate Lifestyle”

The reality is you may not make any money for the first 6 months to a year, but once you drive the necessary traffic to your site. You can start making lots of money by knowing your target audience. Remember content is always “King” when it comes to blogging. The more quality content you write the better your blog will rank in the search engines(Google, Bing, Yahoo). Which can eventually attract quality organic web traffic to your blog.

But for now in this article we will show you the basic steps to starting your powerful blog today. The good news is that it doesn’t cost much money to create a powerful “Blog”. Also you do not need to be a professional web developer to build one. Follow these steps thoroughly and you can have your blog up and running within a few hours. Here are the step by step instructions to start your powerful blog today:

Powerful Blog

Build A Powerful Blog Today

  • Set Up Your Domain Name & Sign Up With A Reputable Hosting Partner.

    When creating your domain name you must make sure its easy to spell. Try to make sure your domain name matches the name of your blog. Every blog must have a domain name to be recognized by the search engines, the world-wide web, and your potential readers.

    Basically, a blog can’t exist without a domain name attached to it. It will be very important to choose a powerful domain name that matches with your niche content and target audience. Also, you will need to choose a hosting partner for your site. We highly recommend going with “Blue Host Web Hosting” service to set up your domain name, and host your website. They’re one of the best hosting sites in the industry, and will only cost around $3.95 per month to get started. They can also assist you with created your blog site by giving you easy to understand step by step instructions. Choosing a great hosting service is crucial to your blogs success.

  • Choose A Blogging Platform & Powerful Theme:

    We recommend building your blog with the WordPress platform. WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content-management system which runs on a web hosting service. The WordPress platform comes with thousands of templates and themes you can use to build your powerful blog. Unless you’re a professional web developer, we recommend using an existing blog “Theme” provided by WordPress.

    WordPress offers free themes, and premium themes that you can purchase for a small fee. You can create your powerful blog within an existing theme. It’s a very simple process once you get started. Once you sign up with Blue Host Web Hosting they can help you get started with setting up your blog on the “WordPress Platform”. When your finished setting up your blog on the WordPress platform make sure you install this powerful plug-in first “JetPack“.

  • Set Up Your Blog As A Real Business:

    You can choose to set up a personal blog, or a business blog. An example of a business blog is “Huffington Post“. We recommend you setting up a business blog for tax purposes, and protection of your assets. But for now you can set up a personal blog to get started today and you can set up your business later.

    If you decide to set up a powerful business blog today. We recommend following these 9 basic business steps first”.

  • Set Up Your Blog’s Social Media Pages:

    It will be very important to set up pages with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. Social Media will be your blog’s largest business partner and important traffic source. When you post content on your blog, you can share that content on these social media pages to drive organic traffic to your site. You will need to set up these pages under your blog’s name.

    Therefore you must make sure all of your social media pages matches the name of your blog, and domain name. Matching your blog’s name with your social media pages will be very important to get ranked first in the search engines. It’s a very simple process to set up pages on these social media sites. Just go to each social media site and follow the instructions to set up your professional page.

  • Start Posting Powerful Content On Your Blog Site:

    Once you choose a theme through WordPress, you can start creating content immediately. Writing powerful content is “King” when it comes to driving organic traffic to your blog. It will be good to create content for your readers at least once a week. Make sure you write content relating to your niche and target audience.

    Writing powerful content on your blog will keep the readers interested, and will help rank your post on the search engines such as google, yahoo, etc. Your main goal as a blogger is to make sure your post shows up on the first and second pages of google, yahoo, etc. Organic traffic is very important when it comes to monetizing your blog and building a strong following.

    When reading content people tend to pay attention to grammar, spelling and how the story is told. So a great product to start with to keep your content on top is grammarly.

  • Set Up Powerful Videos To Drive Traffic To Your Blog:

    YouTube is a very powerful tool to drive organic traffic to your blog site. You can create videos about various topics relating to your target audience. All you need is a professional video camera or you can go to our Tech Products, & Accessories page and purchase an HD Pro Webcam for your computer.

    Once you have all the tools you need, you can start recording videos to upload on the YouTube platform. You can also monetize your YouTube videos to make some extra money. For more information about monetizing your videos, sign up with YouTube today and start your channel for free.

  • Sign Up With Google Adsense To Start Monetizing Your Blog:

    You can start monetizing your blog by signing up with “Google Adsense“. Google AdSense is one of many ways to make money from your blog site. All you do is copy their codes on your site to display Ads, and you will earn money every time someone clicks on those ads. AdSense is your revenue share from AdWords ads.

    When someone clicks on the ads, you’ll earn roughly 67% of the click rate, and Google gets the rest. It’s very important to understand that Google AdSense is not a get-rich-quick scheme and it takes a lot of work to make money. When it comes to Google Adsense patience and hard work is “Key”. The more content you have, the better chance you have getting accepted into the program. Once you have around 15-25 pages/post on your site, go to “Google Adsense” to apply. It usually takes 3 or more days to get fully approved.

Business Startup Instructions

Business Startup Instructions

In Conclusion

There are many other ways you can start monetizing your blog site such as being an affiliate marketer, selling banner ads, etc. Those steps will be included in future articles. When done right, your blog can potentially make you lots of money. But it will not happen overnight nor without hard work, passion, and dedication. And always remember quality content is “King”

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