How To Re-build Your Empire Greater Than Your Last

Build Your Empire Again

Build Your Empire Again

How To Re-build Your “Empire” Greater Than Your Last

Donald Trump once said: “If you take all of my riches and companies away from me, I will just re-build my empire back again because the knowledge is in my brain”.

We will all fall at certain points in our lives, but it’s about getting back up that really counts. Once you have the blueprint of success within you mind and never give up on your goals. You can re-build your empire stronger than ever. Now I know It hurts more, If you had a lot of money and then lost it, but you must never give up on your goals no matter what. True raw ambition and success requires primal leadership, discipline, determination, and inner strength. There’s no way around it.

If you built an empire before, you can build an empire again. Therefore, Since you will have more knowledge than before, you will know how to build and run your empire more calculated and strategic. Just make sure you create different streams of income this time.

In the movie Wall Street “Money Never Sleeps”. “Gordon Gecko”(played by “Michael Douglas) came out of prison broke and flipped 100 mill into 1 billion because he had the wall street game already in his mind.

Always remember they can take your money and material possessions, but no one can take whats in your mind. “Knowledge Is Power”.


Material Wealth

Stay calm, calculated your moves and you will make material wealth come to you

Its called “Law Of Attraction”. Your daily thoughts, actions,  words, and habits will create your everyday reality, that’s Universal Law.

Calculated Steps means. You calculate (Reason/Think of all outcomes) your risk and decisions to control the outcome. Stay calm means you are not so eager to chase money where it rules your entire world, thus causing too much stress to make impulse decisions, which effects your wealth in the long run.

“Power” starts within your own character first. Thus, By obtaining advanced knowledge, being creative, and building Strength(Inner) you will attract wealth and power to you.

Now is the time, it’s never to late to re-build your empire from scratch again. Learning from your past mistakes, sacrifice and hard work will be key when re-building your empire. Everyday do something productive and push yourself forward to the next level. Also building your empire all over again will require patients. Your new empire will not appear overnight. It will most likely take years to re-build it again.

So one of the main keys to re-building your empire is more mental than physical. You must learn to express your true self as much as you can while having the mentality of a hungry Lion on the hunt for food.

Do not build up resentment and hold unnecessary grudges. That mentality will end up hurting you and your wealth in the long run. Love and learn to live life to the fullest. Money isn’t everything, don’t let it stress you out. Forgive yourself and move on. You can do it again. It ain’t over until the “Fat Lady” sings.

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Keith J. Leigh

Keith J. Leigh is a spiritual advisor, philosopher, business owner, family man, author, and primal leader who contributes to greatness by sharing years of powerful experience and advance knowledge with the world. He's been in the E-Commerce, Entertainment, Technology, Real Estate and Mortgage Industries for over 15 years who specializes in business and family dynasty building. This author would like to remain mostly mysterious as power last longer behind the scenes. Magnate Lifestyle isn't your average website. Magnate: A person of rank, power, influence, or distinction often in a specified area. A “Business Magnate” (formally industrialist) refers to an entrepreneur of great influence, importance, or standing in a particular enterprise or field of business.

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