How To Navigate Through ‘Hell’ To Get To ‘Heaven’

Go Through Hell To Get To Heaven

Go Through Hell To Get To Heaven

How To Navigate Through ‘Hell’ To Get To ‘Heaven’

You will go through hell to get to heaven. There is no way of avoiding that path to success. If success, leadership, and wealth was that easy to accomplish, then everyone would be rich. You must understand that there will always be challenging obstacles, and people outside of yourself who are the gate keepers to your success.

In order for you to make it out of hell successfully. You must learn how to play chess with Vultures, Wolves, Lions, Monsters and Demons to “Win”. Furthermore, you may even have wage war against these strategic “Predators” to make it through the fire.

If you want to live the build a paradise on earth, full of success, wealth and power. Then you must learn how to navigate properly through Hell to get to “Heaven”. Also, your motivation, passion and ambition must come from deep within self to keep pushing forward, even if they’re no outsiders around to motivate you. I call it “Dark Motivation”.

You must learn how to use ‘Dark Motivation’ to fuel greatness. Therefore, making sure your pain, losses and hurt are used to fuel “Ambition”. So instead of wallowing in your tears, you should use that energy to fuel “Greatness”.

On your way to greatness, you will most likely encounter much hate from others. Some will hate you because you’re stepping into their territories, and others will hate just because your going were they won’t or can’t go. So, some of their tactics will be trying to manipulate your goals, while steering you down the path that they have set forth. It’s called planned distractions. One thing I learned over the years was to never underestimate the other person’s intelligence in war.


Keep Your Body Amour On At All Times

Now, the key here is not to blame others for your failures, and losses. But too deeply understand that these people are only in place to make you stronger and more strategic in your moves. Remember in every “Movie” there’s a “Villain” and your living life’s movie. Even if one villain is killed, another villain will appear in the future and the cycle continues. Just as in life, there will always be more obstacles to overcome, and more villains to kill. Therefore, you must constantly have your “Body Armour” on, and face your fears like a G (Gangsta).

Demons Will Use Strategic Tactics To Control Your Moves

On your way through ‘Hell’ you must learn all the tactics, that can be used against you by “Demons”. The main tactic used by Demons are manipulating you off the path to success. Their goal is to constantly distract you from reaching yours. One way to combat these evil tactics is to grow thick skin, and keep moving forward no matter who’s in your way.

Always remember when people force themselves in your way, they’re either trying to save you from self-destruction, or trying to block you from “Greatness”. Don’t be fooled, most of the time they’re trying to block you from “Greatness”. “Magnate Lifestyle”

It will be very important to use your inner intuition to spot these demons, because they move under different disguises. Constantly moving around as wolves in sheep’s clothing. They can show up as a friend, business associate, mentor, spouse, co-work and much more. So, your job is to learn how to spot these demons, while playing chess too. Thus, thinking at least 10 times before moving forward is a powerful weapon to use against these “Demons.”

Once again don’t blame these demons for your downfalls, nor be angry that they exist. Always remember, GOD is the master engineer and demons where created to evolve humanity to its greatest levels.


Been To Hell & Back

In Conclusion

“Magnate Lifestyle” is totally different from these other business, motivational and leadership sites. That’s because we share the raw psychology, enemies you will encounter, and the power politics between being broke and wealthy. Other sites will just sell you a dream of great success, but most won’t show you the bloody wars that you will have to Win” to get there. They don’t show you the correct pathway out of hell, so you can go to “Heaven” safely and sane. So most are still stuck in “Hell” like conditions, while only a few make it out.

Magnate Lifestyle will continue to share the raw truth on how to navigate through the madness. As you must pass through darkness to see the light. That’s the true law of success. Life is an ongoing series of test, and lessons to be learned. But when you past these test, you will become a stronger version of yourself. Don’t ever give up on your “Goals” and learn to embrace the struggle.

Powerful…Primal Titans

Keith J. Leigh

Keith J. Leigh is a spiritual advisor, philosopher, business owner, family man, author, and primal leader who contributes to greatness by sharing years of powerful experience and advance knowledge with the world. He's been in the E-Commerce, Entertainment, Technology, Real Estate and Mortgage Industries for over 15 years who specializes in business and family dynasty building. This author would like to remain mostly mysterious as power last longer behind the scenes. Magnate Lifestyle isn't your average website. Magnate: A person of rank, power, influence, or distinction often in a specified area. A “Business Magnate” (formally industrialist) refers to an entrepreneur of great influence, importance, or standing in a particular enterprise or field of business.

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