How To Master The Psychology Of Massive Success

Master Shadow Self Success
Photo By Daniel Perry
Master Shadow Self Success

Photo By Daniel Perry

How To Master Psychology Of Success

Mastering the psychology of success is mastering the art of war, discipline, your “Shadow Self” and advanced success strategy. Your goal is to learn and apply these laws to the game, so you can rise to the highest level on the chess board.

Mastering the psychology of massive success is easier said then done. It requires patients, extreme persistence, discipline, rigorous success rituals, creativity and training your inner will to never fold under intense pressure. Always remember practice makes perfect when it comes to achieving massive success. Your main goal is to master and control “Grand Power”, which is very challenging to most.

“Do not be afraid of your difficulties. Do not wish you could be in other circumstances than you are. For when you have made the best of an adversity, it becomes the stepping stone to a splendid opportunity.”

H. P. Blavatsky

You’ll never be massively successful, wealthy, and powerful, if you’re afraid of Sacrifice, Hurt, Pain, Failure, Handwork, Risk, Mistakes, and Danger. Your must learn to use fear to fuel greatness, or to overcome fear all together. Always remember “Fear” is the enemy to massive success!

Here are some powerful steps to setting up a strong foundation of success:

1) Thought/Goal.
2) Will (concentrated thought towards goal, inner strength, prayer/meditation, ritual, planning, etc.).
3) Action (day to day motion, labor, hard-work/smart-work, sacrifice, constant movement towards goals, etc.).
4) Reward (fruits of labor).
5) Equal’s Massive Success.
2020 & beyond.

Shadow Self Success

Embrace Your Shadow Self To Achieve Success

Learn How To Use Your Shadow Self To Fuel Greatness

Learning to use your “Shadow Self” to achieve success is the greatest talent to master. Your shadow self is your true primal self cloaked in darkness, fear and the the unknown. Your goal is to learn how to see in the dark to create some of the worlds best ideas to manifest into physical reality.

Some powerful ways to face your shadow self is through deep meditation, advance breathing techniques, facing your inner fears, strengthening your inner will and aligning with your true primal self without regrets, and guilt. Once you master your shadow self you can then use this secret primal power to fuel greatness and massive success.

Now the key is when you starting dealing with your shadow self, it will hold you accountable to your word. Things will never work out when you go against your own plans you made to yourself. The “Law” is locked within your inner universe when you set goals for yourself that is aligned with your inner soul. And if you renege on your contract you made with yourself, all debts are due immediately.

“Doing your True Will – mindfully living true to who you are – is itself a method of spiritual attainment.”
~ James A. Eshelman, Pearls of Wisdom

Your own subconscious mind(Shadow Self) is the real judge. What ever you feel guilty of is when you will be judged and so-called “Karma” goes into effect. What ever you deemed wrong within the mind is wrong. The reality is you have been programmed to constantly judge yourself on moves that aren’t really wrong by man made religious law, while the “Elite” moves under true primal, cosmic and natural law. You must free your mind and the rest will follow.

Discovering, accepting, and working with your “Shadow Self” are the true primal secrets to intense ambition, inner strength, and greatness…As from darkness comes light!! Your “Shadow Self” rules you from behind the scenes(Subconscious Mind) and the only way to meet him/her is through a spiritual/ mental death, complex shadow work, initiation, and through “Ritual”. But you must learn to face your shadow self to be completely healed from past traumas, so you can rise back up more greater than ever.


In Conclusion:

To master the psychology of success is to master your inner psychology(Shadow Self) to fuel greatness.

Our suffering comes from our unlived life–the unseen, unfelt parts of our dark psyche. Life really does begin after forty for most. Up until then, you are just doing research and learning through experience.

People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious and manifesting creative experiences into reality.

Thus, comfort is what has made the man cowardly; this is why he is afraid of life, death, tomorrow, and what people might say. Thus, the courageous man evades comfort because he is not afraid of life, death, tomorrow, and what people might say. “Julio Medina V.

Most people follow rules, other peoples guidelines, and well laid out plans for their success and they’ve mastered that lane. Your gift to world is to create new rules, guidelines and laid out plans for others to follow. You must become a creative risk taker again, or you will die before you die.

The true master creates the inner intent/action of new paths to greatness. The psychology of success shouldn’t be motivated by money, but by the passion you have for mastering your craft, and aligning with your “Life’s Purpose”. Your greatest power is lodged deep within self and its your job to go within to discover and align with your true inner self to master the psychology of massive success.

If you want to learn more about “The Psychology Of Massive Success”, I advise you to read “The Laws Of Human Nature” and “Mastery” By Robert Greene. These two books will give you a strong foundation to build upon. Primal Titans

Keith J. Leigh

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