How To Make It Out Of Dark Times & Embrace Dark Motivation

Dark Times
How To Make It Out Of Dark Times
Dark Times

How To Make It Out Of Dark Times


By accepting reality – taking things as they are, and not as I wanted them to be – by doing all this, unusual knowledge has come to me, and unusual powers as well, such as I could never have imagined before.  I always thought that when we accepted things they overpowered us in some way or other. This turns out not to be true at all, and it is only by accepting them that one can assume and attitude towards them.  So now I intend to play the game of life, being receptive to whatever comes to me, good and bad, sun and shadow forever alternating, and, in this way, also accepting my nature with its positive and negative sides. Thus everything becomes more alive to me.What a fool I was! How I tried to force everything to go according to way I thought it ought to.
an ex patient of C. G. Jung (Al chemical Studies, pg 47)”
― C.G. Jung


We all go through dark times, but it’s how we climb out of the black hole that makes us stronger. There wouldn’t be no light without darkness. We are all created from the darkness of our mothers womb. It is within the that darkness that we are all created.

This whole universe is created from dark matter. Everything manifested in this physical reality starts from within self first, as light is created from darkness. Your thoughts, speech and action creates your present reality. There is no future or past, its only the “Now”. Your true strength to make it out of dark time lies within. You have the power to dwell within depression, hurt, and anger or you can use that power for “Greatness”. It’s your choice.


When you fall into dark times it will be best to embrace those moments.

Everyone on the planet goes through “Dark Times” so you’re not alone. Embrace every moment of your life whether bad or good and that’s when you will become whole. Fear is the enemy to “Greatness”. Learn to overcome your fears, or at least use your fears to push yourself to the next level.

That’s the moment you will discover your “True Life’s Purpose“. Most likely you will discover your true purpose during these dark times. Do not try to ignore these moments, you must become one with that moment.

Don’t try to ignore whats really bothering you, you must face your fears head on. If you keep going against what needs to be, then you will most likely continue to sink deeper into a black hole of depression and sorrow. Patients is the key, you can’t rush “GODS” plans.

 It’s best to learn how to deal with everything at that moment and do not over think. Over-thinking is what keeps you trapped in dark times.

You must learn to understand everything that happens in your life good or bad is within “Divine Order”, but without embracing the dark times of your life you will continue to sink into deeper depression, and an unhealthy suppression of your true self. Those unsolved issues will create an atmosphere of bad addictions, destructive behavior, dangerous pursuits, perversions, etc…


It’s a good chance you are saying to yourself how can I embrace dark times when it hurts so bad?  You have to see the bigger picture. You will have to constantly picture your self in a better place. Also you can go back within your mind to your best memorable moments in your life and vividly picture yourself embracing those good times. That helps a lot.

To much isolation can be dangerous during these times. Do not be afraid to talk to others about your problems. Expressing yourself to people who you can trust will help relieve a lot of build up frustration.

Your imagination, creativity, inner strength(Will), enthusiasm, sense of humor, and determination will help you make it through dark times.

It’s best to free yourself from the prison of your own negative thoughts most likely caused by how you perceive other people’s thoughts of you. If you keep relying on people, places, and things outside of self to create a life full of abundance then you will continue to fail the lesson. You must learn to have a peace of mind during your “Dark Times”.

Remember without sacrifice, anger, hurt, pain, failure, sadness, pressure, and dark times we would never create a better version of ourselves. Sometimes too much light blinds us to the real raw reality of ourselves. Life is about making it through the good times, and bad times, the happy times and sad times, etc.

Even our evolution as human beings is created from “Dark Times”. Remember pressure turns coal into “Diamonds”. Without pain we would never know what pleasure feels like! You will learn to love yourself more after you conquer life’s challenges. Overcoming dark times will help you build inner strength that you though never existed.


Primal Ambition


Keeping your mind pointed towards a goal is very beneficial to your mental health. Some of these goals may include exercising more, starting a business, going back to college to get a degree, writing a book, going after that job promotion, etc. It’s good to put yourself first during these dark times. You can’t keep giving to others if you’re not right first. Do not keep lending your gifts, and talents to others, when you do not use those same gifts to uplift yourself first.

Start reading motivation books and listening to motivational speakers such as Les Brown and Tony Robbins

By embracing your dark times you will become a better version of yourself, and will be ready to share your great gifts with the world around you. Always remember after the storm the sun will always come out. 2017 & Beyond is about “Self Empowerment”. The “Power” lies within you.

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