How To Judge A Person’s Character Based On Their Dark Side

Three Stages Of A Man’s Character

How To Judge A Person’s Character Based On Their “Dark side”

You can’t truly judge a person’s character until you see their “Dark side”..

“Noble Men” move totally different from the rest of the world. There are a few types of men in this world…There are men of great character, integrity, law, honor, and principles, then there are men that live lawless renegade lifestyles. Always remember those 2 types of men don’t usually mix….

I would recommend you never doing business with the “Lawless Renegade” because they are subconsciously on a suicide mission in life. Those men usually have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. If this type of man sees any weakness in you, he will not mind taking your part of the deal, reneging on contractual obligations, and/or resorting to violent takeovers with no remorse. When a man is in that mind-state he is very dangerous to himself, and others. He can change, but when in that mindset, he can’t be fully trusted in business.

“Great Men” of principle will always judge your moves while in their presence whether you like it or not. They have to know who they’re dealing with at all times. They understand that one wrong move can crush their whole “Empire”. So they have to be very calculated with their steps.

You can tell what type of “Man” your dealing with in “Business” based on how he treats his Woman, and his Mother.

The type of woman a man chooses to be with will show his “True Character”. Most men with principle who are millionaires, and billionaires will not do business with you if you are married to the wrong woman, or if you are single living the lawless lifestyle. Marriage to the “Wealthy” equals Accountability, Responsibility, and Trust. Before doing business with you they want to meet your “Wife” first.

Also If you have a wife, never bring your mistress around married men with principles. They will think very poorly of you, especially if they are out with their wives in public. You can miss out on big potential business deals based on your moves. Even if these men of principle have a questionable dark side too, they will still be reluctant to doing business with you based on your non calculated sloppy moves in public.

You must learn to keep your dark side secret in the world of success, wealth, and power. Also your dark side can be used against you in blackmail situations from people of “Authority”.

Watch your moves around others Guard your reputation with your life.’

You have to make a choice in life. Do you want to live a life full of principle, honor, noble acts, respect, and integrity or are you going to live a “Lawless Lifestyle”.

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