How To Create A Powerful ‘Circle Of Bosses’!


Circle Of Bosses

Create A Powerful ‘Circle Of Bosses’

In this article I’m going to share the true game on how to create a circle of bosses within your inner circle. But before you become a true boss you must understand the rules of leadership. True leadership requires much responsibility and accountability for others success. Good communication between bosses is the real key to success, wealth and longevity as family. Real leadership should be surrounded by success and is responsible to create other powerful leaders.

As a circle of bosses between the hours of 6:00am-7:00pm during the week and sometimes the weekend should be about innovative discussions such as building wealth, business communication, investments, advanced knowledge and the execution of business ideas. Anything else is a waste of time. Your inner circle of bosses must become like minds at least 80% of the time.

All “Relationships” must be 80% agreeable and 20% disagreeable. The 20% disagreeable is for learning purposes only. Once the those numbers above are way off, you must get them back to that ratio or go your separate ways. “Keith J. Leigh”

Powerful Books Are Only For Mature Minds

There may be a Chairman Of The Board, but each person within the circle is their own boss and must be respect as such.  For all the people reading “48 Laws Of Power”, they must understand that most of those laws should be used more as a defense mechanism, and on your secret enemies. If you use those “Laws” on your family, friends, inner circle of bosses, and for the wrong reasons, those “Laws” can turn on you for the worst…Be very careful. You must have a very mature mind-state when you read books about “Power & Leadership”.


Dictatorship Is An Outdated Narrative

Selfish Dictatorship Is An Outdated Narrative

The days of selfish dictatorship is done and over. Humanity isn’t going for the narrative of one person who is worshiped and wealthy, while everyone else starves. The new style of leadership is based on how many other leaders you create, and feed. Real bosses makes sure everyone eats at the table. As sharing food with your inner circle is the tangible manifestation of showing love.

For example: When the “American Mafia” decided to set up La Cosa Nostra where the head of the families united as a circle of bosses is when true success of the underworld began. They created a circle of bosses who voted on decisions instead of one dictator giving rigid orders.

If you study history dictators always died a horrible sometimes violent death and its usually executed by the people closes to them. The reason why is because dictators are the only ones who wants to eat the most off the plate, while they starve the people around them. The only time dictatorship is needed is when things are totally out of order, and they must bring order out of chaos. But once law and order is obtained, group leadership is needed to maintain the circle of power.

True Bosses Makes Sure Everyone Eats

If you claim to be a “Leader” or even a “Boss” then you have to make sure the people around you are fed. If the people around you are starving, then your not a true “Leader”. Now there are no hand outs and the people within your inner circle must bring something to the table. But you must make sure when they do bring something to the table, you include that food on everyone’s plate.

If your surrounded by vultures who only wants the bag for themselves, then its time to change your inner circle. Like I said: there is a such thing as a “Circle Of Bosses”. It doesn’t matter if everyone in your circle is “Ambitious”. If everyone is selfish and not working as a team with raw unity, trust, love and support. That circle is worthless full of secret haters, fake love, and destructive competitors.

Selfish Leadership is the worst type of “Leadership”. Everybody’s Gotta Eat B. Feed The Wolves Or Get Eaten “Keith J. Leigh”


Align Yourself With A Powerful “Inner Circle”

A True Circle Of Bosses Are Entrepreneurs

You can’t be a “Circle Of Bosses” without living a entrepreneur lifestyle in modern times. You must create powerful businesses and lucrative streams of income to feed the family. In “Business” the masses are your key to building massive “Wealth”. Get with your inner circle of like minds, create a business to sale and market products and/or services directly to the masses. You don’t have to dick ride other people you deem wealthier than you, or has more fame than you.

Your close friends, family members, and business partners who’s down for the cause are your “Secret Weapon”. Like “Jay Z” said in 96: Get with a tight circle and “Thug” your way through. Make the people with power, and money come to you, so you can negotiate the game on your terms. If you want to learn the detailed instructions to starting your business go to our page “Start Your Powerful Business – 9 Basic Steps” and create powerful streams of incomes today.


Circle Of Bosses

Real Bosses Follow The Rules Of The Game

Never let anyone distract you off your purpose. A real “Leader” is a person who stands out from the crowd. True Leaders creates new crowds, trends, organizations, etc. They don’t follow them trying to fit in, or be popular. Social Media if you let it will distract you off the path to pure “Greatness”. Advance Creativity, Discipline, Imagination, and Innovation are keys to becoming “Powerful & Great”. Before you can be a circle of bosses you must first become a “Great Leader” who follows the rules to the game.

As a circle of bosses its time to stop watching the game from the sidelines, its time to create your own game. Stop watching others fake ball, and go get what you want in this world. Its yours for the taking. “Keith J. Leigh”

The problem is men who gets blessed with that type of money, and power will instead focus on stunting on others, disappearing in selfish isolation when problems arise, and will secretly hate on others trying to rise up too. And that’s when the wolves in the pack turns and eats them alive.

In Conclusion

Unity, trust, love, good communication, and teamwork is key to the success of the circle. A man who goes after wealth, power and leadership whether on a micro, or macro level must understand that position holds great responsibility to help others, build others up, and deal with the problems of others. Real leaders build other leaders up and align with power to make moves together.

There is nothing larger than the “Horde”. Teamwork makes the dream work. When the team wins everyone wins. Each much person much sacrifice themselves for the greater good of the “Team”. Go to our book page at and purchase some powerful books to advance your mind on the rules of true “Leadership”.

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