How To Become A Powerful Quiet Leader From Behind The Scenes

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How To Become A Powerful Quiet Leader From Behind The Scenes

Why do you keep trying to be a “Visible Leader”, when you can become a secret advisor to “Kings”? Why focus on becoming a “Visible Leader” who is popular and extroverted, when that’s not your natural “Leadership Style”?. Instead you should focusing on becoming a “Quiet Leader” from behind the scenes.

If you’re naturally an introverted leader, then being behind the scenes will work perfectly with your leadership style. As a “Quiet Leader” you can become a secret advisor, consigliere, silent financial backer, spiritual counselor, prime minister, COO(Chief Operations Officer), and much more to an “Organization”.

A perfect example of a quiet leader was “Kareem Biggs Burke” from the Roc-a-fella Records Empire. He was a silent investor/advisor to Dame Dash and Jay Z behind the scenes.

Don’t stress yourself out trying to be a visible “Leader” if that’s not your calling. Being a “Visible Leader” may not be your life’s calling. Your life’s calling may be to advise other visible Leaders, while handling the business from behind the scenes. When behind the scenes you can help build up other “Visible Leaders”, and become their well trusted “Advisor”.

You must understand that behind every fortune and visible leader, there is a powerful secret advisor quietly handling the operations and at times making the more important decisions. These behind the scene rulers usually move in secrecy, and will shun away from the lime light. To this type of leader, It’s about knowing the right people, not knowing a lot of people. Quiet Leaders don’t get motivated by popularity and fame. They value their “Privacy” and “Secrecy”.

Truth be told these secret advisors help other visible leaders become “Greater”. Therefore, You will need to be very secure within yourself as a quiet leader from behind the scenes. The “Visible Leader” will most likely get the glory and credit from the masses. But you will be the real power from behind the throne.

Think Like The ‘Elite Families’ Of The World

The world is full of “Shadow Rulers”

In Ancient Times these shadow rulers were the “High Priest” who secretly advised the “Pharaohs”

Almost all ancient “Kings”, world leaders, emperors, presidents, czars, etc had these secret advisors on their team. These secret advisors were behind the scenes helping them rule their empires.

The world needs visible leaders and behind the scene leaders. When a visible leader works well together with a “Shadow Ruler” the enterprise runs like a smooth machine. Each Leader will bring something different to the enterprise and will be able to share their natural gifts, while staying in their own lanes. When starting your business or organization from scratch, be sure to partner up with a “Quiet Leader” or if you’re the introverted one, you can partner up with an extroverted leader. .

Conflicts usually arise when the “Shadow Leader” wants come out and take the visible leaders position.

Example: Suge Knight(The DeathRow Records Titan) was more powerful when he was behind the scenes. When Suge Knight let Dr Dre get the shine and credit as being “DeathRows” Visible Leader, he was able to handle the back-end business with no distraction. But once he decided to be in the lime light is when his empire fell.

If Suge Knight could have stayed behind the scenes as a leader and advisor to Dr Dre, he would still be in “Power” today.

The real raw secret is “Leadership” behind the scenes can last longer and is more powerful. When you master being a “Powerful Quiet Leader”, you will earn the long-term respect that will last for decades and even centuries. The world will always need “Quiet Leaders”. You can compare “Quiet Leadership” to gravity, you can’t physically see gravity, but you respects it’s “Power”.

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