Here’s A List To Help You Build A Great Empire

Build A "Great Empire"

Build A “Great Empire”

Here is a quick list to help you build a long-lasting “Great Empire”:

1) Come together for a common cause, no matter what religion a person practices.
2) Get educated in business, engineering, government, construction, communication, leadership, currency trading, law, economics, technology, science, biology, etc…You can’t build an empire without “Advanced Knowledge“!
3) Have patients, and practice delayed gratification!
4) Live within your means, and stop practicing extreme materialism.
5) Boycott, and force any entertainer, sports person, political person, music executive, music artist, millionaire, etc to give back to the community and be accountable for what they say in “Public”.
6) Any disrespect to our women must be banned immediately…Without her being on point we have no nation…Period.
7) Focus on “Business Ownership” instead of being an employee making other people rich…Ownership builds real wealth.
8) Do business more with Africa, South America, Cuba and China…Learn the power of international trade.
9) Be a person of your word, the worst person in the world is a flake, and a liar…Reputation is “Power” guard it with your life.
10) Do good business to build trust with others, even if you’re in the streets or executive suites…Doing bad business is a major threat to empire building.
11) Start dating with the goal of eventually getting married, instead of just having recreational “Sex”…We already have proof of what that does!
12) Family Structure and a strong moral code should be the foundation of your “Empire”, if you can’t manage a family how can you manage a business, a community, or even a nation.
13) Men stop being a slave to sex, learn to control your lower-self…You will earn great respect from a woman when you are disciplined in that “Area”.
14) Men must focus on being fearless to protect the women, elderly and children…You must stand up to oppression of any kind, even if it cost you your job, life, etc…
15) Stop supporting manufacturers or businesses that doesn’t care about you, your family and communities.
16) Men laziness is a “Sin” and an Abomination”!!! Real Talk.
17) Stop supporting reality shows, movies and music that keeps you locked in this evil spell, and illusions of “Grandeur”.
18) To all my street brothers strictly enforce a code of conduct, by laws, and rules to help better street organizations….Save our “Youth”.
19) You can’t make a hustle into a career, invest your street money into legitimate businesses ASAP.
20) Become more spiritual, eat healthy, work out, practice positive thinking, etc.
21) The youth are the future…Develop more mentoring programs, youth centers, drug counseling centers, etc to help save our youth.
22) Don’t get hooked on drugs, Drugs is one of the main reasons we are in our situation now…Drugs are an enemy to “America’s” greatness…Real Talk.


Keep Calm And Build An Empire

Change within “America” will not happen overnight and it’s a very complex situation, but we must start from somewhere. Building an empire will not happen over-night either. Do not wait to die to go to Heaven, you must “Build Heaven On Earth”. So, Keep calm and build a long lasting  “Empire“. Real Talk.

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Powerful…Magnate Lifestyle.

If you want the blueprint to building a successful “Empire” start by reading this book below:

The Millionaire Mind


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