Your Health Is True Wealth

Health Is Wealth

Your Health Is True Wealth

Health is real “Wealth”

Today we live in a very fast pace society based on new technology, social media, extreme materialism, better transportation, etc. So its easy to get stuck in an unhealthy lifestyle while chasing the so-called “American Dream”. I’m seeing too many people dropping like flies in their 30’s, 40’s & 50’s.

It’s not a game out here these days. You have to understand that the food isn’t the way it was back when our grandparents lived. It’s filled with toxins such as pesticides, hormones, etc. Plus when you go to the grocery store the aisles are filled with tons of processed foods.

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So since it’s all kinds of toxic substances on the food these days, and some foods are “Genetically Modified”. It’s best to buy “Organic” meats, fruits and vegetables. Yes the price of organic food is higher than normal, but it’s still beats out high hospital bills, living a miserable unhealthy life, and/or even dying an early “Death”.

Grocery stores such as “WholeFoods, Sprouts, Farmers Markets and Von’s are great places to shop “Organic”. Plus “Organic” meats, fruits and vegetables taste one hundred times better than “Non Organic” foods.

Also when you go out to eat, most restaurants are cooking with too much table salt and unsaturated fats. Table Salt, and Sugar are silent killers. Those restaurants should be using organic herbs, spices, and just a tab of pink sea salt on their foods. But it’s all about cutting cost and making money these days, than it is about health.

Also, drinking too much alcohol, soda, coffee, artificial fruit juices, energy drinks, etc is taxing your body’s sugar levels…Then on top of all that we’re eating too much processed starches, while living a life full of stress, disappointment, hurt, financial problems, and anger along with not enough sleep. That’s definitely a recipe for an early “Death”.

What’s the point of being financially wealthy, if you don’t live long enough to enjoy your wealth?

You should be getting at least 7-8 hours sleep per night. It’s also very important to deal with your sleep apnea, insomnia, and indigestion problems too. Those problems can turn into chronic diseases over time.

Remember “Stress” is the number one killer, after that it’s bad food, water, hazardous environments, and pollution. If you’re living an extremely stressful lifestyle it doesn’t matter what foods you eat, you can still become unhealthy because your mind controls the body.

I remember when I was stress out really bad, it seemed that all the foods I ate where acidic, even when I ate fruits and vegetables. So it’s very important to get those stress levels down. High Blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes exist when your living a stressful lifestyle.

The best way to live a healthy lifestyle is getting your yearly check ups, exercising at least 3 times per week, eat right for your “Blood Type”, drinking good spring water, reducing stress levels, getting out of financial/spiritual debt, and taking organic natural herbs, and vitamins when needed. Trust me living a healthy lifestyle has tons of benefits. Transform your lifestyle today!!!

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