“Happy Wife, Happy Life” Is For Passive Men!!

Happy Wife
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Happy Wife
“Happy Wife, Happy Life” Is For Passive Men!!

Men: Hear me out before you get upset at the title of this article. “Happy Wife, Happy Life” doesn’t mean doing everything she wants, desires, and demands. You must challenge her while at the same time show her love, devotion, and affection. Your accountable and responsible actions towards the family should be the foundation to a happy wife.

You may think by tending to all her needs, wants and demands she will always be happy in the relationship, but what you fail to realize is that you’re setting yourself up for future failure. You can praise her, but never submit to her overly emotional demands. Your goal as a male is to always propel the family forward by taking calculated risk, being the visionary, and shaking up old out dated relationship systems that stagnates your progress. You must never fear losing your family based on your heart’s decisions.

Your fear is the sharpest definition of your self. You should know it. You should feel it virtually constantly. Fear needs to become your friend, so that you are no longer uncomfortable with it.

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You must be totally truthful with her, and let her love the real you, not the fake persona of you. Because she will find the real you sooner or later and might not like what she settled down with…So, make sure your representing your uncut raw self at all times with her. You must challenge her every now and then to spark new electricity into the relationship. Women secretly crave stimulation from men to arouse sexual energy, interest, enthusiasm, and excitement.

Women: You need a man who challenges you. You need a powerful man who both listens, and rebels against your advice and demands. By having a man who does everything you want, you will stagnate his progress and will become annoyed and turned off by such weakness in him…Magnate

Happy Wife

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Women Should Marry Powerful Men

Dynasty Talk: I think women should marry older powerful men who are not just equally yolked, but more powerful than them. Women should stop marrying weaker men thinking that they will change them into the man she really wants. Sometimes women mistake being a nurturer with trying to subconsciously represent his “Mother”. If women start marrying men more powerful(Not Just For Money) then them, I guarantee it will be less divorces, and more happier longer lasting progressive marriages. Plus, it will be great for the men too…Also, I feel it will propel humanity forward.

I’m witnessing too many marriages these days where the “Wives” are more powerful than their men and their husbands are suffering as a consequence…And low-key the woman is suffering too because she’s in a relationship with no challenges nor stimulation. Men must always be conquering, progressing, learning, etc. to feel whole in this physical world.

Men: Advanced Talk: Do not let your woman s-mother your dreams and goals due to her wanting a normal, comfortable, and stable life. She represents “Matter”(Mother) and the stability of the material world. She loves the aspect of tangible reality, but your path is more through your vision, spiritual inner will, future thinking, speech and action…Magnate Lifestyle

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In Conclusion:

As men you are the empire builders of the world. When she see’s(Tangible) you making your moves with relentless dedication, she will then stabilize and support your empire, so it can grow stronger and last longer. But you must separate from her “Charlotte’s Web” spiritually, and mentally first. You have to learn to say “No” to her fear of losing stable ground, and go after your Goals & Dreams with relentless passion. Men are the risk takers of the world, but if you’re always fearful due to women’s demands then you will never reach the higher levels of the game, and will subconsciously blame her for your stagnation.

Without a conscious life-purpose a man is totally lost, drifting, adapting to events rather than creating events. Without knowing his life-purpose a man lives a weaken, impotent existence, perhaps even becoming even sexually impotent or prone to mechanical and disinterested sex.

David Deida

You must learn to fear nothing in this physical world as it will all go away in the end. You as a man must take the first leap and then your woman will help you strategically reach the next level of the game. But you must never totally depend on your woman’s view of the world, or you will become fearful, weak, passive, bitter, and stagnated. The truth is her “Happiness” is based off her own journey within this physical world, not men tending to her every wants and demands.

“Marriage” should be a union of love, happiness, family unity, creativity, passion, and progression, not bondage, jealousy, power struggles, stress, and constant conflict. You better make sure your not participating in a “Toxic Marriage”…Magnate Lifestyle Bosses

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