Here’s How To Gangsta Your Way To Financial Freedom

Gangsta Your Way To Financial Freedom


You must gangsta your way to financial freedom!

Do not let nothing get in the way of your financial well-being. Stop sending yourself, and your family deeper in debt, pure unhappiness, unnecessary stress, and anger while living beyond your means.

Do something about that “Today”. If the price of living is too high where you live do not try to hold on to that lifestyle because of your pride, ego, & trying to look good for others.

You must move to a city, or town where the price of living meets your income standards, even if that means moving out-of-state. Stop trying to prove to strangers that you have your finances in order, they don’t give a fuck. Also stop being loyal to a city you can’t afford to live in.

If you want to build a real lasting family dynasty you must make decisions that’s best for the family financially, spiritually, and mentally.

Most likely you will not build wealth in a “City” that is built for the already wealthy. You must go to a more quiet town, lock it down build wealth and then come back to your “Dream City”. Stop living life for strangers and take charge today.

You must save and invest more than you spend

No debt equals financial freedom

You must be very realistic these days about finances especially during the “Trump” era. The price of living has skyrocketed in the past 10 years. So, the goal is to keep your income high, and monthly overhead low. Running a household is just like running a business. Family is “Business”

The raw uncut reality is If you do not have a 2 income household. You better get an in-demand trade, and/or college degree in fields such as engineering, computer science, mathematics, law, medicine, economics, etc to make it in the new “America”. If you choose to get a degree in education, history or psychology you better go after a masters and above, if you want to make any real income.

If you don’t have an in-demand trade, and/or a specialized professional college degree plus you are single. Then you will be forced to work 2 jobs just to have the basics force forced to hustle in them streets. But we all know how that story ends with dealing in them streets.

Every now and then you will get lucky with a great paying job without a trade or degree, but usually those type of jobs are promoted from within.

If you’re hustling in these streets that money must be invested in rental properties, in demand businesses, etc ASAP. Do not blow unnecessary money as a street, or white-collar hustler because you can’t be in that field forever. You must invest out of that industry, or end up broke, dead, or in prison.

Hustling isn’t a long-term “Career”. It’s best to avoid that lifestyle all together if you can. If you have no choice keep it strictly in the “Underworld”. These dumb as rappers glorifying that lifestyle are going to get ya killed, or locked up in prison with football numbers.

Think Profit

If you are “Self Employed” Legally

When you are self-employed legally you must understand that you will have to work 100 times harder than the rest just to survive. You better secure enough funding, and operating capital to keep your business afloat during hard times. It will be best to hire people smarter than you.

You must have great business knowledge yourself, and be willing to sacrifice a lot to become a profitable business.

To make it in business these days you better have a great support system. The raw reality is being self-employed is one of the most hardest fields to be in at this time.  Especially if you are underfunded.

Now the great thing about being self-employed is the reward can be very profitable if you can weather whether the storms.  Also you must be willing to work very hard.

2017 & Beyond is all about “Self Empowerment”.

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